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Infusionsoft Sales Funnel Automation & Management Services

Streamline your leads management, and optimize conversions! Manage your business growth with InfusionSoft and automate your sales funnels, targeted marketing, and lead nurturing campaigns!

Green Lotus ROI & Lead Generation Optimization services are designed to find ways to generate more online leads, and maximize Return on Investment (ROI) from all your online marketing campaigns.

Our professional team will assist you in quickly improving your business search result rankings in the short-term, while helping develop a holistic and efficient plan for increasing your Return on Investment (ROI) and improving conversion rates over time.

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InfusionSoft Customization & Management Services Include:

  • Full Evaluation: Analysis of business strategy, services and internal sales processes.
  • Sales Funnel Optimization: Streamline sales funnel(s), identify tasks for automation
  • InfusionSoft Implementation: integrate InfusionSoft sales funnels with your current website
  • Detailed Leads Reporting: Leads tracking, campaign reporting, and sales funnel efficiency

Green Lotus ROI & Lead Generation Optimization Service includes:

  • Quick Wins: Detailed and prioritized recommendations for immediate results
  • Long Term Roadmap: Detailed and prioritized roadmap including conversion opportunities, action plan and ongoing conversion tracking
  • Supporting Research and Analysis: Website usability analysis, industry research and competitive review

InfusionSoft CRM Services

InfusionSoft is a full and complete leads management and automation solution for growing businesses! Manage leads, contacts, payments, tasks, communications, and your sales funnel, all in one place. Customize your leads management campaigns to your lead generation strategy, and you’ll never leave a potential client hanging!

  • Nurture Cold Leads! Capture those leads who are in the early stages of the Purchase Cycle and transform website visitors into potential Clients.
  • Optimize Sales Funnels! Increase conversions with an optimized the sales nurturing process based on solid data.
  • Save Time! Automate those day-to-day tasks that take you away from regular business. The InfusionSoft platform allows for seamless communication, task, and payment automation
  • Manage Business Growth With Ease! InfusionSoft CRM customization options allow businesses to plan for, and manage growth.

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We Understand that the Only Way to Keep a Client is by Providing Top Quality Search Engine Optimization Services!

Bassem Ghali, Founder & Head of Client Strategy at Green Lotus Marketing Agency

Top Features & Benefits of InfusionSoft Services:

  • Don’t leave your leads in the dust! Capture, nurture and move them along your sales funnel
  • Boost your conversion rate with optimized, targeted campaigns
  • Provide a streamlined shopping experience with e-commerce integration
  • Manage and engage with leads at various levels in the purchase cycle
  • Save time and resources by automating and tracking leads, tasks and communications

Leads Management with InfusionSoft

Visitors to your website might just be curious, but they might also become hot leads in the future! InfusionSoft provides businesses with the opportunity to capture cold leads and target them with a campaign based on their specific interests. As their interaction with your business evolves, so will their position in your leads management campaign. When they are ready to buy, you want to be top of mind!

By tracking all tasks, emails, communications and interactions with a lead, businesses are able to focus on what matters most – nurturing warm leads, and encouraging hot leads through the sales funnel. Instead of following-up with all leads, schedule an automated sequence of emails tailored to prospects at different points in the purchase cycle, and get a notification when you should follow-up with a personal call!

GL-square-iconWhy Green Lotus ROI & Lead Generation Optimization Solutions Work?

ROI & lead generation optimization is based on measuring and understanding current ROI & lead generation trends and practices. Our job at Green Lotus Toronto is to build an effective short and long term action plan to maximize your business Return on Investment (ROI) and enhance your conversion rate.

We invest the time and effort to really get to know you, your business, products and services, and your marketing goals. We then recommend the optimal combination of services, and customize your search engine marketing strategy to match your unique needs, capabilities and business model.