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How important is Google+ for your Business?

Google + is quickly becoming an important factor in the Google search engine ranking algorithm, and it will continue to grow in importance and influence as a social platform.

Google+ integrates with already popular Google products including Google Search, Google Places, Google Maps, and provides a variety of tools for small businesses including Hangouts for social networking and/or internal communication, and Google Docs for internal collaboration.

CanadaOne interviews Mr. John Shehata, Director of Search & Social Media at ABC News, at the May 2013 Donate & Learn Workshop, where he discusses the importance of producing content for online audiences, the numerous benefits of Google+ and how to get started on the Google+ platform.

4 Reasons Small Businesses Should join Google+

  • Google+ Search ResultsWhen individuals search for products and services online, Google displays relevant content, photos, and videos from Google + pages. These Google+ results occupy a prominent space on the right of search results – increasing exposure of the business brand and encouraging engagement.
  • Google Maps  

    Google Maps includes Google+ business information and will display Google+ local results above organic search results – providing online users with up to date business information, content and reviews. 

  • Search Engine Optimization 

    Google+ influences search results, and will display relevant Google+ results above organic search results – giving businesses with an active and engaging Google+ profile a competitive edge. 

  • Content Distribution 

    Google+ is an excellent platform for content distribution because of its integration with Google Search. The Google+ platform also allows businesses to segment audiences and share content with specific audience groups, instead of an entire network – allowing businesses to tailor content and target marketing to specific audiences.