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How Should Your Small / Medium Business Track Conversions on Mobile?

Mobile Searchers are Hot Leads!
The user experience on your mobile site is a vital factor in your conversions.

If a website is not optimized for mobile use, leads will be lost. Search engines like Google recognize the importance of mobile user experience and with the latest Google update it is now vital to have a website that performs well on mobile devices!

Bassem Ghali, Head of Client Strategy at Green Lotus speaks with GoToMeeting about Mobile Conversion Insights!

Responsive Website Design

As opposed to creating a unique website for mobile devices, the most efficient way to ensure that all website content appears nicely on any mobile device is to use a Responsive Design that adjusts based on the device used.

Mobile User Urgency

Most mobile searches have an ‘urgency’ factor, people are searching on the go for specific product or service. To meet this urgency it is important to have an easy process to provide them with the information they seek eg-call the business, find the location, order a product, etc.

One-click User Experience

Scrolling down a website on a mobile device and having to zoom-in is not the user experience you want to deliver to mobile users. Implement a one-click to call conversion point, and ensure it is in a prominent and easy to find location on your website.

Mobile Optimization

Search engine ranking algorithms are slightly different for mobile devices vs. computer, and it is important to understand how your website ranks on mobile search.

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