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metroFounded in 1992, Metro College offers a wide variety of specialized training programs in business, healthcare, engineering, technology and legal studies. All courses are taught by instructors who have current job market experience, are specialized in their respective fields, and understand the current job market.

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I can’t believe the increased presence of Metro College online, now our College and even our course/program names can be found on top of the first page of Google. We quickly enrolled enough students to pay off the costs of the search engine marketing program, and the rest is profit.

Gary Zhen, Metro College of Technology President

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 Online Marketing Case Study for Metro College Toronto 2008 – 2013

Following a review of Metro College of Technology online marketing goals, requirements and conducting a full competitive analysis, Green Lotus found that several Metro College course names and programs were not found within the top 10 Google search results. Overall, the website had very low traffic from all search engines.

The Green Lotus strategy focused on improving search engine visibility and generating high quality leads and implemented a (Organic & Paid) hybrid search engine marketing strategy with full traffic, leads and phone calls tracking. The Green Lotus hybrid search engine marketing strategy has proven successful. Organic & Paid Traffic has generated the largest number of leads with the highest Conversion Rates!

Key Takeaways

Following the implementation of Green Lotus search engine strategies in 2008 compared to 2011:

  • Google visits increased by: 742%
  • Yahoo visits increased by: 600%
  • Bing visits increased by: 415%
  • Enrolling Rate increased by: 711%