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The Overwhelming Success Story of a Simple Idea – Donate and Learn Initiative Case Study!

Who would have thought that the simple idea of supporting a great local charities by providing marketing tips would gain the support of 2,152 Torontonians & raise more than $20,000 donations … in just 5 events over 2 year. View Case Study!

Online Marketing Helpful Tips

What are the benefits of optimizing multi-language & multi-region / country websites?

Google analysis shows the majority of users prefer having information / website in their own language. Keeping this in mind; imagine how this will affect sales and conversions for your website! In this post I will be explaining the best 3 ways to optimize multi-language & multi-region / country website. What the benefits are of […]

The Overwhelming Success Story of a Simple Idea – Donate and Learn Initiative Case Study

Who would have thought that the simple idea of supporting a great local charities by providing marketing tips would gain the support of 2,152 Torontonians & raise more than $20,000 donations … in just 5 events over 2 year! View Event Pictures on Facebook Join the Conversation in the Facebook Comments Section Below:

How Can BingAds Paid Search Help Overcome Cross-Border Challenges!

International opportunity: Reach new customers by targeting Canada Now is the right time to consider a cross-border strategy into Canada if you haven’t already done so. Canada, just north of the United States, should be a natural extension for any advertiser already advertising in the U.S. In fact, 75% of all Canadians live within 100 […]

Prepare for the Latest Google Algorithm Update, Before the Google Pigeon Crosses the Border!

Google’s new algorithm update targets search result ranking signals and aims to produce more useful, accurate and relevant results for local searches. The Pigeon Update is currently in effect in the USA, but will be implemented across borders, and in Canada soon! The major impact your business might see out of this update are changes in […]

Top 7 Twitter Tips for Small & Medium Businesses

Twitter’s latest “Small Business Customer Insights White Paper” demonstrates that 60% of respondents have made a purchase from an business based on something they saw on Twitter and 86% plan to make a purchase in the future. Most importantly, 43% of respondents plan to make multiple purchases from the small & medium businesses they follow […]

How to Run an Effective Online Marketing Strategy & the Metrics that Matter!

Are you looking for ways to ramp up your online marketing campaign? At the recent Donate & Learn Expo, Green Lotus Founder Bassem Ghali offered helpful tips for developing a successful online strategy. 4. Ongoing Management Strategy & Product Seasonality If you don’t choose the right management strategy, all your hard work will be for […]

Learn How to Execute Big Ideas! From a Branding Expert at Proctor & Gamble

At the recent Donate & Learn Expo, Maria Shibaeva – Sr. Assistant Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble presented case studies to illustrate how to create and execute BIG IDEAS – whether in Social Media, or in anything else you do as an entrepreneur or business owner. “A Big Idea is true to your business,” said Shibaeva. […]

What is Design Thinking? Learn from FreshBooks Experts

Jeremy Bailey, Creative Director at FreshBooks, took 50 Donate & Learn attendees through the Design Thinking process. Whenever a new product, design function or problem arises, FreshBooks uses these steps to come up with an innovative solution. One the most successful Design Thinking sessions at FreshBooks was during the development and design of the FreshBooks Android App. Using […]

You ARE your brand! Words of wisdom from LinkedIn’s Paul Lovie

This year’s Donate & Learn Expo keynote Paul Lovie of LinkedIn brought 20 tips to the table in his session for online marketers looking to amplify their brand on LinkedIn. Presenting to a packed auditorium at the Ted Rogers School of Business Management, Lovie talked about the thinning line between personal and business brands and […]

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