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Engaging Social Media Marketing Services in Toronto

With 89% of Canadian companies using Social Media, customers are growing accustomed to searching, finding and interacting with their favorite brands online. Analysis shows that businesses who implement social media with active maintenance experience a 300% increase in referral traffic.


  • Are you too busy to manage you own social media accounts and keep up with all your messages, and blog comments?
  • Are you looking for a professional social media marketing company who understands your vision, brand, products, and policies, to be your voice in Social Media? 

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We Understand that the Only Way to Keep a Client is by Providing Top Quality Social Media Marketing Services!

Bassem Ghali, Founder & Head of Client Strategy at Green Lotus Marketing Agency

Green Lotus Is An Award Winning Social Media Agency, Trusted By Small Businesses & Corporations in Canada and Around the World!

The Toronto Green Lotus social media marketing team will develop and manage your social media strategy to maximize your online business engagement and benefits from powerful social media communication platforms, while complementing other digital marketing initiatives.

Our commitment at Green Lotus is simple – your success is our ultimate goal. This is why we make sure to offer you professional social media marketing services that focus on your ROI, and the best team of online marketing professionals to give your business that competitive edge!

Green Lotus Social Media Marketing Package Includes:

  • Full Evaluation: Social media visibility, brand awareness, social competitive analysis, and more.
  • Strategic Planning: In-person consultation to review evaluation results, and recommendations.
  • Social Media Management: Provide status updates across various social channels, write posts and comments, and engage with your audience.
  • Social Media Training: Introduction to social media, how and when to use it, and best practices.
  • Detailed Reporting: Social media reach, engagement, fan base, viral impact and full social media monitoring.


Why Green Lotus Social Media Marketing  Solutions Work?

Social media strategic planning is based on measuring and understanding your audience needs and business requirements. Our job at Green Lotus Toronto is to build a social media strategy that will make your website, and business, more visible and engaging through social media channels.

We invest the time and effort to really get to know you, your business (mission, vision, values), products, services, and online marketing goals. We then recommend the optimal combination of services and customize a social media strategy to match your unique needs.