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Site Setup Includes:

5 pages design & content writing. Extra pages design onetime fees are $100 per page and $75 per page content writing services (up to 400 words per page)

Concierge Service Includes:

Ongoing site content, images editing and updating plus adding new pages or blog posts. Content writing, online store management and site redesign is not included

Online Store Addon Includes:

Monthly subscription for online store add on is $50/m for up to 100 product and $100/m for up to 2,500 products

Onetime store setup plus unlimited product upload via CSV or up to 50 product manual uploading. extra manual products uploading based on $99 hourly rate (estimated 15 to 30 products upload per hour)

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The white label web design services are the processes where the service of the manufacturing company is rebranded by another company and used for marketing purpose. Here the service appears to be originated by the marketing company instead of the parent company. Hence in white label process, there may be a web design service which can be bought from some reliable source whose service can be used and the product may be sold as one’s own brand.

The white label web design services have become absolutely necessary now for the growth of the business. The industries dealing with web designing are already overloaded with work and dealing with all the other departments at the same time is tedious as well. The cost of hiring people for each and every role is not always possible to be handled at all time. Hence instead of taking all the responsibilities, the benefits of white label web designing services can be easily availed. Here all the services provided by the parent company can be used by the marketing company like their own. The marketing company can also label it as the service of his own and can easily sell it off to the clients.

There are 5 benefits of hiring white label web design services.

1- Outsourcing web design services help to regulate costing

Outsourcing is considered to be the deal that is highly cost-effective in comparison to engaging a total in-house team. In such a case, the team of web design service will handle everything thus reducing the burden of the buyer. The cost advantages for the white label web design services are much more in comparison to owning an in-house team. The job also becomes easy. The buying company only needs to brand the service and sell it off to the clients.

2- The solution provided is effective

Another benefit that this service can provide is collecting data of people living in a city. It is not possible to ask every person about his place of living, occupation, etc. It may disappoint them. Hence a software may be used that will collect this kind of data without branding. Also the time and money that is spent on the training of a new team can be saved by hiring a web design service that will serve according to the workload.

3- The credits will be that of the marketing company

The greatest benefit for the marketers who hire white label web design services is that instead of the manufacturing company, they get the credit. The web design servicer is only supposed to extend its service to the marketer. Hence it is a beneficial situation for the buyer.

4- There is time to concentrate on other departments

If a person hires the white label services for web design, he will get a lot of time as the web design services will be taken care of by the hired company. Hence the other departments can be looked after with more care and new strategies can be thought about.

5- Focusing on increasing the loyalty of the brand

When a proper white label service for web designing is hired, the services received from them are generally the best ones. The client will also repeatedly come back. Hence the white label services help the buyer by efficiently working for them and allowing them to get the client’s recognition. It also helps to make the brand popular.

Why Marketing Companies Need a White Label Service for Web Design.

  • Expert services offered at a subsidized rate
    The white label services for web design companies are the best in offering top services. This is good for the marketing company because in such a case they can work with an expert team who will contribute to their business growth. If they themselves handle development and maintenance, the cost for staffing will be very high. By hiring these services, they can reduce this amount.
  • Knowing the current marketing strategies over the Internet
    With time, the strategies of marketing are changing. Hence the business will have to remain up to date with these strategies. So the expert white label services help such businesses to get the latest news and thus help them to work accordingly.
  • Opening a market that is new to the agency
    Businesses are mostly focused on acquiring new markets along with the ones they are already working in. In many cases, they fail to do so because of lack of ability or incompetence of the products. Outsourcing to the white label services for web design has helped these businesses to enlarge. It also helped them to dive into new markets that otherwise could not be explored.
  • Existing clients are offered additional services
    The client’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance for a business to be successful. Hence when a client asks for new services, the provider should be able to meet the demand.  Otherwise, the client may turn to some other service provider. The competition is very strong. Hence outsourcing the work to a professional white label servicer for web designing will help in this regard. Hence, instead of losing a client it is always wise to outsource web design services.
  • Profit of the agency gets better
    Profit is the most important aspect of every business. A white label expert reseller helps immensely in this regard. Hence over time the outsourcing web design services will help the business to gain a lot.
  • Devote a lot of attention to the development of business
    As web designing needs a lot of concentration and creativity, it takes a lot of time. Hence when the work is outsourced to a trustworthy reseller, the work of the team lessens. This way the team will be able to devote time on other aspects of the business. The white label service has experienced people taking care of this easily thus reducing the burden of the business altogether.
  • The popularity of the brand increases
    When outsourced to a white label service, the experts start handling the web design work. So the brand built becomes unique which when marketed becomes popular at a minimal cost. The best part of this is that everybody involved, the client, company and the agency, gets satisfied.

The white label services that are provided by the professional web design companies ensure that the marketing companies get a huge profit without their resources being used. Thus with the constantly growing market needs and to meet the client’s demands, it has become essential for the marketing companies to hire a white label service. This is mainly because if the company fails to satisfy the client, the brand may lose its popularity or the growth may be hampered. There are certain qualities that the marketing company should look for in the outsourcing company for web design services.

The white label services that are provided by the professional web design companies ensure that the marketing companies get a huge profit without their resources being used. Thus with the constantly growing market needs and to meet the client’s demands, it has become essential for the marketing companies to hire a white label service. This is mainly because if the company fails to satisfy the client, the brand may lose its popularity or the growth may be hampered. There are certain qualities that the marketing company should look for in the outsourcing company for web design services.

  • Should be expert in handling web design services
    The vital part of a service is acquiring expertise in it. Hence the outsourcing partner for the web design services should be experienced and expert at handling the work. They must be able to provide a solution that is result oriented. When this kind of service is used, the workload of the marketing company reduces. This, on the other hand, is handled by the outsourcing service provider who meets the client’s needs. Thus an expert web designer will help not only in accessing the resources which the marketing company does not have but also help them with the latest solutions related to web designing at a lower cost.
  • Diving into other new markets
    The quality that the outsourcing web design services should have is knowledge of new markets so that other business opportunities from those markets can be availed as well. To remain identifiable in a competitive market, it is necessary to dive into other avenues of business. This happens when the white label web design services partner helps to expand the range of the clients along with building a strong identity of the brand for the marketing company.
  • Flexibility thus adding values to the services
    Another crucial factor that should be there in the outsourcing company is flexibility and the capacity of adding values to the services offered. Professional white label companies will consolidate their expertise into the existing services of the buyer without disturbing the actual structure of the business. On the contrary, the business becomes even stronger this way.
  • End results should be favorable and profits should increase
    The marketing company benefits by seeking the web design services from outside. A professional outsourcing service will be able to expand the number of clients as well as obtain much more from the existing ones. Aside from the satisfaction of the clients and growth of the brands the outsourcing service should also be able to bring more profits to the marketing company.
  • Saving time for focusing on other important facets of the business
    The web design outsourcing partner should be able to handle the web design services of the marketing company. This way the buyer is able to concentrate on other critical aspects of the business. Handling web designing work singly means a lot of workloads. Hence the marketing company should look for a professional outsourcing partner for the web design services.

Cumulatively, the white label web designing services that can be hired by a marketing company must be able to save cost, resources, and time. Whatever may be the size of the organization conducting marketing services, it is impossible to understand all the aspects of web design services that are offered to the client. Hence, when a white label service is hired by a marketing company, it is assured that the company channels out the resources in order to generate more profit without spending too much on hiring staff.

How Green Lotus white label website design service is beneficial for your marketing company?

Website design are one of among the highest marketing services in demand and one of the most searched keywords on Google by all types of business owners and marketing managers. If you want to grow your marketing company, white label website design services can be of huge benefit. You can provide all kinds add-on services like SEO, PPC and social media services to your clients without really doing much.

All you got to do is avail white label website design and use this service developed by someone else.
The company, which will develop this service for your web development agency will not associate any brand name to the product. Who so ever buys this product uses this service as their own and uses their company’s name as the service provider. This allows the agency or the company to sell this service to others using their own brand name and logo.

1. Branding becomes easy
When you opt for a white label website design service, you don’t have to spend time on research or get to know about the technical know-how associated with website designing. You buy this service from us and have a ready made solution. Another solid benefit is that you ensure the visibility of your brand to all your clients through the service provider’s site. Different clients will come with different requirements. Get all your website design services included such as, website design, setup, hosting, security and management with Green Lotus White Label Smart Site Design Services!

2. You can offer a plethora of services to your customers
Of course, there will be tons of services you would like to offer to your client, but you don’t have time to do everything yourself. Plus hiring a few employees just for this is costly too. That’s why relying on white label website service provider will set you free from all kinds of worries. You can offer every kind of SEO, PPC, Social Media & PC services to your customers as per their needs.

3. Saves a lot of time
Working with our white label Smart Site service saves your time too. Instead of looking for ways to solve your own problems regarding website designing services, you can easily Partner with Green Lotus and save your crucial time. This way, your clients will not feel the need to look for another service provider as well.

4. It saves your money
Do keep in mind that customized web development services is not just time-consuming, but is an intensive process too. You need designing skills, architectural, testing, and development skills. You might not have all the resources to provide a top-notch custom solution to your clients. Plus, it can take a lot of days to build a website without having the proper knowledge. That’s why, choosing Green Lotus white label Smart Site designing service which will do all the research-intensive work for you, so that you get to save your time and money and provide all the services effectively.

5. Focus on bringing more customers, no need to concentrate on the backend
This is probably the biggest reason why you need a white label website designing service. White label website designing service lets you concentrate on sales while the white label service provider does every important thing in your back. Here are some of the benefits of hiring Green Lotus as your white label website designing service provider:

  A. Become visible
You as an enterprise will require to work on multiple projects, which gets difficult for a single team to handle. This is when we can come to the rescue. Our white label website designing company can handle many tasks at the same time. This way, you receive the best website designing service, you can accept many projects, and ensure that you will be serving the best to all of them. Likewise, your brand awareness increases too.

  B. Get hold of experts’ designers in the industry
When you hire a white label website designing service, you get hold of the best designers in the industry. Green Lotus comes with more than 10 years of proven track record and experience and this makes you sure that the end-product is going to be the best in the industry. Therefore, hire a white label service provider and avail their quality work.

  C. No more tensions
When you hire a reliable white label website designing service you set yourself free from all kinds of worries. Even if a client complains about the product, the service provider will take the responsibility to correct in no time.
Sounds good? Get in touch with Green Lotus!

Contact us if you are ready to hire us as a white label website designing service provider. We use smart site technology and the website that we will build will be easy to use, google mobile optimizes, Google page speed optimized, and Google security optimized. And yes, you get free phone support too. Get in touch with Green Lotus who is the expert in this field.

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Green Lotus Award Winning White Label Website Design for Business Owners

Marketing companies like newspapers and publishing houses already have their own workloads. Every marketing corporation, whether big or small, will need to synchronize one sector of their business with the other, performing day to day administrative tasks and improving their relationship with the customers while undertaking the pressure of expanding their business and services further.

Marketing companies are run by manual workforce so too much workload can become overbearing. It can slow down their performances because humans have some limitations. High time marketers must understand that working efficiently is more important than working effectively.

Get to Know Green Lotus White Label Smart Website Design Services:

Companies operating in the marketing industry already know that web design involves high tech skills to create a personalized website. It requires a committed designing team to come forward and make the website navigatable for the users. Thus, web designing becomes too costly and energy consuming.

Marketing companies can outsource their web designing work to third-party agencies to avoid unnecessary stress and workloads. Third party web designing companies are also good at branding activities, which mean they will use perfect aesthetics and SEO services.

Green Lotus is an upscale web designing and white labeling company, providing the ultimate and one-stop solution for both small and big enterprises.

Green Lotus is both your web designing and marketing partner, who would give you exclusive and proficient services to ensure that your company is leveraging the most profits from this mutual relationship.

What is White Label Web Design?

Marketing professionals are now embracing the concept of working smarter and growing big instead of working harder, simply by outsourcing their technical jobs like web designing and branding activities to third parties.

When a marketing company purchases a white label company’s services and presents them to its customer under the marketing company’s name it is called white labeling. The white label company will take over the reins so that the marketing agency can focus on its core business activities and can work on its expansion.

In the first step, the White Label Company will build a smart site aligned with features suitable for the marketing company’s products and services. The white-labeled company would also create automated and engaging contents for their customers to appear on the smart site.

In the second step, the White Label Company will offer various services on the marketing company’s behalf to their clients. Now, this smart site would be used for vigorous digital marketing purposes to increase the marketing company’s sales and as well as its brand reputation.

A White Label Digital marketing services generally include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click Management (SEM/PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and a lot more.

Why you need a White Label Web Design?

Remember, when American Management Consultant Peter Drucker said: “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” he wasn’t kidding!

Web Designing is simple at its initial stages but becomes complicated with coding, building website shells, placing integral plug-ins and performing testing on various platforms.
Outsourcing your web designing tasks to white labeling companies will be a powerful tool for your marketing projects. It will reduce the work cycles of your employees and improve their productivity.

Outsourcing your web designing work outside will bring better results as you will be hiring a professional team who already have the necessary software and hardware to do the job skillfully on your behalf. In this way, hiring white labeling agencies will be much cost effective for your company.

Additionally, White label Web Designers will leverage the tricks of digital marketing to its full potential to help your marketing company grow in no time. White Label web designers will provide you inside consumer information and marketing solutions that meet your specific needs within an affordable cost.

Top Befits of Green Lotus White Label Services

Green Lotus is providing white-labeling services that are tailored according to the business goals of the marketing companies. Here is a brief overview of Green Lotus White Label Web Design Services:

  • Researching about the competitors to help the marketers develop a vision that meets their business goals, and boosts their online presence.
  • Creating a custom strategy for marketers to help them develop a web design that highlights the strengths of their brand and boost engagement with their website. 
  • Providing marketers responsive web design to help them adjust to a wide variety of screen sizes to suit mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. 
  • Collecting Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking data for marketers to help them monitor the performance of their websites and learn about customer behaviors.

Why Choose Green Lotus White Label Website Design Services?

Green Lotus is an award-winning web design agency, trusted by both small businesses and leading corporations in Canada and around the world.

Green Lotus is an experienced and reliable agency which has worked for reputable brands like Microsoft, Vistaprint, New Roads, Toronto Star, and Nissan, among many others.

In today’s era, no business can survive without strengthening their online presence and no one understands this better than Green Lotus.

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