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Green Lotus White Label Outsourcing Services

White Label SEO Tools & Reports

Green Lotus White Label SEO Tools allow you to streamline your workflow, client analytics and campaign data, giving you the time focus on what matters most to your Agency! Manage your SEO clients more effectively, and automate your branded SEO reports.

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Press Releases Writing & Distribution

Get your clients in front of 30,000 major news sites, 250,000 subscribers and as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists. Green Lotus premium press releases writing and distribution services is the easiest way to boost your branding online , gain links and give your business a platform to earn visibility on major news sites like Google News.

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White Label Web Design Service

Outsource your web design services to the experts, with Green Lotus white label design services you can offer your clients mobile optimized, responsive web design services that will unify online branding, enhance user experience across all devices, and boost conversion rates. We will take care of design, hosting and managing your client sites

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White Label Social Media Ads

Green Lotus Machine Learning Social Media Ads Management Algorithm are working 24/7 to get your clients the most qualified leads, at the lowest cost possible. Your client campaigns are automatically optimized to increase phone calls, requests for a quote, or driving directions to your store!

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White Label Website Hosting Service

White label hosting makes it easier for you to get everything as per your requirements. It can help you expand your products/services portfolio and can substantially improve your customer’s retention.

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USA Directories Management Service

The more directory services you cover while enlisting your services, the more business leads you generates and have a better chance to grow your customer base.Moreover, directory listing can also increase the backlink to your business website and ultimately help your site to rank higher in search engine results.As can be seen, white label marketing services provide a number of benefits, especially to the Marketing Agencies as well as Advertising Agencies.Therefore, if you haven’t tried out white label marketing services yet, then it is high time to employ this push to expand your digital marketing services.

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White Label SEO Service

Let us take care of your clients’ SEO needs while you focus on what matters most to you and your Agency. Green Lotus white label SEO Services gives you the platform to grow your agency. Outsource your SEO Clients to the most trusted SEO agency in Canada

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White Label PPC Management

Full PPC Management Services for a wide variety of ad types on Google, Bing and YouTube. The Green Lotus artificial intelligence, machine learning PPC algorithm is working for your clients 24/7 to get the most qualified leads, at the lowest possible cost. Work with a dedicated account manager and harness the power of local search to get new leads and foot traffic to your clients business.

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White Label Digital Marketing Training

Upgrade your skills with premium, hands-on digital marketing training. Green Lotus Academy workshops are specifically designed to empower marketing pros with the information, knowledge and tools needed to plan and implement an effective strategy for your clients.

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White Label Live Chat Support Service

Due to the decreasing attention span nowadays, customers want to get their issues resolved instantly and in a convenient way. And chatbots are exactly the thing which you require to satisfy your customers’ short attention span.A white label live chat support service or a chatbot allows customers to get their questions answered instantly in a hassle-free manner.For this reason, an easy-to-use chatbot service can make a huge difference in any industry to engage potential customers.

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Canada Directories Management Service

Canada business and company directory allow you to search for the best products/services providers in a particular region. In addition, you can also bring tons of new probable customers by submitting your listings to a good-quality directory management service.

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Let us do the work for you!

Managing a Digital Marketing Agency can become a compounding mix of deadlines, deliverables, client management, and reporting. At the same time, Agencies need to maintain a competitive advantage over competitors, and continue to grow a client base. Let us help you!

Green Lotus is an award winning White Label Service Provider that allows you to focus on your area of expertise, and offer added services to your Clients.

No Setup Fee | Free Support | Results Guaranteed

We Understand that the Only Way to Keep a Client is by Providing Top Quality Online Marketing Services!

Bassem Ghali, CEO & Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner

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9 Benefits of Outsourcing & Using Our White Label Digital Marketing Outsourcing Services

Green Lotus is a Proud Provider Of White Label SEO Tools, Digital Marketing And Search Engine Optimization Services!


Trusted by Digital Marketing Agencies and Corporations in USA, Canada and Around the World!

The Green Lotus White Label Outsourcing Services

Marketing agencies need a one-stop shop to drive new business with flexible, low-cost digital marketing.

Digital marketing gives your Agency the advantage of fast turnaround, highly flexible campaigns, and minimal up-front investment.

All About Results!

Every digital marketing campaign comes with detailed reports of results so you can see actual benefits, and the month-to-month improvements you can expect as your campaigns gain traction online!

NOTHING is more valuable than the hard-earned relationship you’ve cultivated with your clients. When you’ve invested in building strong foundations, which you’ve carefully nurtured year over year, nothing is more frustrating than losing a piece of your client’s business because they’re asking for services you don’t offer.

Positioning yourself as a one-stop-shop for your clients won’t just continue to drive loyalty, it’s also an opportunity to build your revenue through incremental sales.

So, when an existing client comes to you asking for services outside your scope, is that answer to expand your offerings – or your team? Maybe, but that can be costly and require specialization that may not be the best use of your manpower or resources.

Instead, consider one of the most popular approaches in the digital marketing space – used by reputable agencies around the world – outsourcing services to a white label service provider.

For those that aren’t familiar with the term ‘white label’, it refers to a product or service that is “re-brandable” and “re-sellable”. They are produced by one company to be rebranded and resold by another company as their own product to the end consumer.

Green Lotus White Label Outsourcing Advantage

Green Lotus supplies you with a broad selection of easy-to-understand, accountable ways to make your business more successful!

  • Expert execution – well-done digital marketing by specialists with hands-on experience across all types and sizes of businesses
  • Quick to market – digital campaigns have short start-up times, and can be modified as they run, tuned to suit your business!
  • Detailed reports – get details about the progress of your campaigns, and clear dashboards showing your easy-to-understand results

What do agencies gain from outsourcing digital marketing services ?

Here at Green Lotus, we’re able to offer a variety of white label options to help non-competitive agencies understand digital marketing products and services better. We help them offer their new and existing clients more options to help them grow their businesses, and we see it as a way that everyone wins. Our outsourcing white label agency clients benefit from our in-depth expertise and our accessible support, while the end client is benefiting from expanded services from someone they trust.

And how does our team benefit in this equation? We’re able to share our services with agencies that truly understand its value and bring a lineup of engaged clients ready to learn more about SEO. White Label services is definitely a ‘win’ for everyone involved, but if you’re wondering how outsourcing services will impact your agency in the day-to-day operations, check out these 9 benefits.

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A white label service is actually a branding system, also known as white labeling. In this system, a company originally manufactures and markets a product, which another company rebrands and makes it look like their product.

This way the companies which re-brand save time and energy. It helps them to concentrate solely on developing without investing in marketing and brand promotion. A business highly benefits from this practice as the cost of development reduces and just by customizing a product, they can earn high revenues. Even the labor requirement is less this way.

What are white label services

A white label service is a working pattern in which there is consent of both companies. One of them manufactures the product and labels it whereas the other one markets the manufactured product by labeling this as their own.

The manufacturing company earns revenue from the marketing one and this way, their product also gets market value without them expensing on it; whereas the marketing company saves on the investment for production and idea.

This way both companies save on labor cost as well. However, white label is absolutely legal as some startups sell their products to other companies as a low price and hence gain popularity.

However, the companies which buy these products make some changes to these and sell them as their own products. This way, they save on the cost of invention and labor cost as well.

In white labeling, the brand or the logo is removed from an end product by the selling company and instead the logo of the purchaser is used. Like in Walmart many such logos and brands will be found if searched for. A branded item of the producer may be there at high price besides that of a purchaser.

Thus white labeling is worthwhile as it helps to run a business at a much lower cost but with full expertise. It helps to get access to talented people, provide the clients with desirable products, and maintain a high profit margin, all under the name of the brand of the purchaser. Hence white labeling is the best for business purpose for an agency.

7 Benefits of white label services in business:

1. Visibility of the brand is boosted – If a business requires offering several services along with third-party products, then white labeling the products with an extra payment will help to enhance the brand name thus increasing awareness of the public about the brand. Hence the visibility will be boosted.

2. Strengthening client’s loyalty – With the expectation that the white labeled products are satisfactory and dependable, whenever a customer uses this product and finds the same name attached, they will associate this with quality and satisfaction. This way their loyalty towards the brand will increase.

3. Taking an expert work advantage – It may so happen that the third-party develop better products with their expertise. In such a case, the purchaser will be benefitted by getting exemplary products at lesser amounts and fixing their brands on those. This way, they will get expert work at lesser price.

4. Provides a refined product brand – Generally, the products once manufactured has to go through many processes of fine tuning like beta testing, troubleshooting, etc. Through the white labeling method, one gets a refined product easily. Since the purchaser does not develop the product, he does not have to go through these processes.

5. Saving time along with money – Developing one’s own product may sound very interesting, but in reality, the process is very tedious and quite a large amount of money is involved in it. A lot of energy and resource is required. Hence white labeling saves both time and money.

6. Gives an opportunity to choose – White labeling leads to a wide horizon of options. Instead of concentrating on one product, a person can buy according to choice for a single purpose. This way even the products can be fetched economically, that is a better product at a low price.

7. Reduces the pressure – Troubleshooting is a common practice in every field. White labeling helps the purchaser to get rid of this. As the company who sells the product takes the responsibility of meeting the client’s requirements and demands, one who purchases the product can easily sit back and relax. This way, the pressure gets relieved.

8. Having an in-house developer at a very low cost – When a company develops a product, a lot of costing is involved. The idea of developing one’s own product may sound very fruitful, however, it is not so. Even the labor cost is involved in this. By both developing and marketing a product, high-profit margins may not be achieved. Hence white labeling is the best option. This way, the purchaser is also paying the developers and manufacturers passively to create a product which will serve the business.

White Label Digital Marketing Helpful Tips

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