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Green Lotus White Label SEO Tools offers detailed inbound marketing analytics and high-quality data to assist with your Agency’s marketing campaigns, and the perfect solution for search optimization, local search marketing, and content marketing Agencies. View White Label SEO Tools Packages!

Learn why other Agencies use Green Lotus SEO Tools to save time, and impress clients. Experience the advantage of having powerful tools at your fingertips, with an easy to use interface, and comprehensive, branded reports.

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Green Lotus has ranked as the best SEO agency in Canada by TOPseos, one of the oldest and largest directories of SEO companies around the world, and ranked as #1 SEO Tools on ClickZ’s top 50 Digital Marketing Tools.



4 Qualities To Look For In An SEO Reseller

Are Outsourcing Services Streamlined?

With great deal of experience as an SEO reseller, we have developed proven methods for making it easier for you to outsource your SEO with confidence. Our expertise ensure that we are knowledgeable of industry standards, innovative strategies, and can quickly resolve issues.

Is Your Agency Trustworthy?

A digital marketing company that has extensive experience with a wide variety of industries has a strong reputation of excellence. At Green Lotus, we are trusted by over 2,000 entrepreneurs, corporations, and SMBs for our innovative and affordable digital marketing solutions. We have a reputation of transforming business and generating growth.

Are They Experts?

From our dedicated account managers to our content specialists, our team of experts is available to to help you ensure client satisfaction. Green Lotus goes the extra mile to consult and create customized SEO outsourcing services that are tailored to your business needs, and can easily scale with growth.

Are You Okay With An Average Agency?

An online marketing agency that consistently delivers results is likely to provide affordable and effective online marketing solutions. Green Lotus is not your average agency; CEO, Bassem Ghali, is renown for developing effective marketing strategies, and is a winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by CAMP.

No Setup Fee | Free Support | Results Guaranteed

We understand that the only way to keep a client is by providing top quality Digital Marketing Services!

Bassem Ghali, CEO & Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner

The Green Lotus SEO White Label Management Method

We create customized search engine optimization strategies that are tailored to every client. At Green Lotus we know that there is not a single solution that will work for all types business. Instead, our team is committed to researching and developing targeted SEO strategies that boost rankings and generate organic traffic for your clients.

SEO Strategy Review & Goal Setting

At Green Lotus we don’t start a project unless we have clear ROI metrics, and are confident that we can make an impact. We perform an in-depth SEO audit and analysis and provide a customized strategy to effectively increase ranking and organic traffic to your client’s website.

Expert Keyword Research

Before each campaign begins, we ensure that quality research is conducted on the industry and competitors. With our expert keyword research we can implement a keyword optimization strategy that targets your client’s ideal customer.

Local SEO Strategy

We are experts in local business SEO and driving traffic through Google My Business. We focus on building listings in authoritative directories to increase the number of visitors to your client’s website, and boost conversions.

Dedicated Account Manager

All agency clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who is invested in your success, and available for any support needed. With quality account management and a team of experienced SEO experts, Green Lotus is able to ensure that every SEO strategy is a success.

On-Page Optimization

At Green Lotus, we make sure that every client’s website follows Google’s current guidelines for the characteristics of a quality website. On-page SEO includes an analysis of internal linking structures, page load speed, mobile optimization, broken or toxic links, and more!

Reputation Management

With over 10 years of experience, Green Lotus is one of Toronto’s top agencies for online reputation management. If your client has experienced negative press or has had negative online reviews, we can create a strategy to shape their online reputation.

Competitive SEO Analysis

We analyse your client’s competitive landscape on major search engines and develop an in-depth understanding of trends in their specific industry. The aim of our competitive research is to identify opportunities for growth and organic lead generation for your client.

SEO Content Building

As content becomes an increasingly important part of SEO, we focus on creating unique, relevant and informative content for your clients. Our content experts research their industry, analyze the competition, and create content based on what their target audience is looking for.

Advanced Link Building

At Green Lotus, we value quality over quantity. We focus on finding high quality link building opportunities that help increase your client’s online authority and brand visibility. With premium press releases we can help your clients develop their business brand in the online  marketplace.

White Label SEO Reports

Green Lotus SEO Tools offers a customizable white label platform you can brand with your logo and colours. Our SEO Tools will help your clients gain an in-depth understanding of their performance online, and include automated SEO Reports.

Off-Page Optimization

Green Lotus creates customized off-page SEO strategies to improve your client’s online presence. We develop unique content including press releases and blog posts to generate organic traffic, and help your clients gain authority online authority.

Results Based SEO

At Green Lotus, we provide results based SEO services and continuously monitor the performance of every campaigns. Our agency partners and their clients receive monthly ranking improvement reports, and can access tools to measure SEO performance.   

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Why Choose Green Lotus SEO Outsourcing Services?

Leave The SEO Work To Us

Green Lotus white label services allows you to offer added services to your clients, grow your business, and focus on what you do best! Our team has extensive experience in SEO strategies, industry best practices, and the latest developments. Our white label SEO services become an extension of your business, and our expertise becomes yours.

Dedicated Account Manager

All agency clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who is invested in your success, and available for any support needed. With quality account management and a team of experienced SEO experts, Green Lotus is able to ensure that every SEO strategy developed for your client is a success.

White Label Reports For Your Clients

With our award winning SEO Tools white label reporting platform, your reporting process will become seamless and efficient. You can customize dashboards to highlight the metrics you want to view, and all your SEO data is consolidated into one tool for better transparency, reporting, and client management.

Streamlined Project Management:

With Green Lotus you have a team of digital marketing experts, an SEO platform, and methodology that have consistently increased organic traffic to client websites across all industries. Our streamlined project management approach focuses on customized SEO strategies for your clients, high-level reporting, and the metrics that matter most.

Why Should You Outsource SEO Management

With 85% of customers using search to look for new products and services that help solve their unique problems, it would be silly for a business not to pay attention to their search results, right? A big part of success when it comes to being “found” on everybody’s favorite search engine, Google, is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

While there is a wealth of information available on the subject of SEO (and some pretty kick-ass tools, like those found in our Do It Yourself SEO Toolkit), busy companies often struggle to maintain all the moving parts, and string the right insights together to make a meaningful impact. However, for those busy companies, hiring an SEO expert to manage your strategy and tactics makes all the difference. Similarly, a variety of full-service agencies are experiencing increasing demand for SEO expertise from their end-clients, but mastering search engine data, algorithm hacks and best practices is truly a full time job.

Interestingly, that’s one of the reasons our agency model works so well. Many of our clients are small businesses, but more and more, we’re working with experienced agency partners that own their niche, but are looking for a solution to keep up with the demand of broader SEO requests from their core clients.

Rather than risk those clients taking their SEO business elsewhere, they adapt easily by seeking white label SEO services that they can outsource to experts, but report on as their own.

If you’re an agency that’s weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing SEO management to another agency, rather than keeping it in house – there are many benefits! Read on for 6 reasons to test-drive this as your game-changing solution for business growth.

6 Reasons Why Outsourcing SEO Management is a Game-Changing Solution:

#1: Deep-Level Expertise:

Expertise truly makes all the difference when it comes to SEO results. Sure, there’s some low-hanging fruit out there, like taking advantage of local listings and optimizing your title tags, but the benefit of outsourcing to an agency partner is that they know every hack in the book – and have their fingers on the pulse of them as they come up. You might be able to Google some SEO tips in an article, but the experts are the ones writing these articles and sourcing the hacks before they become public knowledge. If you want to help your client get a leg up on the competition in a highly competitive industry, you need deep-level expertise .

#2: A Comprehensive Game-Plan:

You may have heard that SEO is a numbers game. Every opportunity to optimize contributes to the overall success of your ranking, and the areas to track and monitor are pretty vast. Luckily, experienced agency partners like Green Lotus, include comprehensive ‘tried and true’ strategies to ensure you and your clients get guaranteed results. The Green Lotus game-plan includes services such as:

  • SEO Strategy Review & Goal Setting
  • Expert Keyword Research
  • Local SEO Strategy
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • On-Page & Off-Page Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Competitive SEO Analysis
  • SEO Content Building
  • Advanced Link Building
  • White Label SEO Reports

#3 Customized Strategies:

It’s our best practice to begin every project with clear ROI metrics to ensure success. At Green Lotus, we kick off each new account with an in-depth SEO audit and analysis to provide a truly customized strategy to set your clients apart from their competitors. We build our strategies around solid competitive research, a deep understanding of industry trends, and your unique goals to generate long-term success.

Green Lotus SEO team also examine factors that might be hindering your organic ranking, and provide quick-win solutions to help you generate more traffic right away. Each custom strategy is designed to drive results that hit your clients’ goals AND increase your revenue, by delivering a highly-effective recurring SEO service that’s essential to their core strategy, and can be billed out monthly.

#4: Management Support:

It’s a common fear that when you outsource a service, you might lose control on the outcome. Perhaps you won’t get the quality you seek, or receive information in a timely fashion. However, finding a trusted partner comes down to finding an agency that’s a great fit and has a solid reputation.

Green Lotus is an award-winning agency partner with a world-class reputation and 10 years of operation. At the helm of Green Lotus is seasoned digital marketing executive and expert, Bassem Ghali, who’s led SEO strategy for the Toronto Star and Canadian Tire, and worked with clients, including Ryerson University and Egypt Air.

What sets Green Lotus’ management team apart is their high-touch approach. You receive a dedicated account person, who’s always available to support your needs. You also have real-time access to a reporting dashboard, so the answers you’re looking for are virtually a click (or dial) away.

#5: Robust White label Reporting:

The beauty of outsourcing SEO management to an experienced agency partner is that you benefit from all of the data, insights and experience, but remain ‘the face’ to your end client. In addition to supporting your accounts with a dedicated account manager, Green Lotus provides robust reporting and analytics to arm you with valuable data and key takeaways to share with your client.

Our SEO toolkit has a customizable white label platform that can be fully branded with your company logo and colors. This dashboard will help your clients gain an in-depth understanding of their performance online, and include automated SEO reports.

#6 SEO Implementation:

When your agency outsources your SEO management to us, we operate as an extension of your business. In addition to providing you with insights and expertise, we also provide you with content. Content is crucial to improving your SEO ranking, and a powerful tool to promote your clients’ unique products and services!

But creating enough content to make an impact can be incredibly time-consuming. As a partner to your agency, we’re able to support the load, and create SEO-rich content that’s unique, relevant and informative to your clients.

This can be leveraged for on-page content, or crucial off-page link building opportunities which lead to greater authority and brand visibility. We also support you through the implementation of tracking pixels across relevant channels.

View White Label Services Packages

Green Lotus White Label SEO Services Include:

  • Full Client Evaluation: Search visibility, keyword ranking, competitive analysis, and more
  • Strategic Planning: Consultation to review evaluation results, and recommendations
  • SEO Implementation: Web content, and full tracking implementation
  • Local SEO: Google Maps and local directories submission and optimization
  • Technical Optimization: Site structure optimization and meta tagging
  • Detailed SEO Reporting: Web traffic, lead and keyword ranking monthly reports

Boost Your Clients Business Online With SEO

Every business needs an online strategy, and it starts with Search Engine Optimization. While you focus on your areas of expertise, let us manage your Clients’ SEO so that they can maximize their online presence, rank for relevant keywords, boost their online lead generation, and ROI.

Top Features & Benefits of White Label SEO Services:

  • Expand your services! Provide your Clients with Advanced SEO Services, and let us do the work
  • White label our Services and liaise between Green Lotus and your Client
  • Expert execution provided by our team of experienced SEO Specialists
  • Get detailed monthly reports on SEO progress, tasks, and search engine ranking
  • Get a monthly consultation to review your Client’s SEO strategy and recommendations

Outsource your SEO Clients to the most trusted SEO Agency in Canada!

Let us take care of your Clients’ SEO needs while you focus on what matters the most for your Agency. Green Lotus White Label SEO Services gives you the platform to grow your business with confidence.

Give your Clients the boost they need online with SEO. Our White Label SEO Services become an extension of your business, and our expertise becomes yours!

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