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Social media ad management is a very vital aspect of digital marketing. As a digital marketing agency, you will mostly find clients who need the services of a social media manager. The problem at this point is that most agencies do not have the required and updated skill needed to produce optimal results.

Secondly, managing a Facebook advert for your client may prove laborious and unfruitful without certain tools and resources required to get the job done. If you try developing such a tool for yourself, a problem you will face is the cost implication when it comes to developing such tools for yourself. At this point, the major need that comes to mind is outsourcing.


For optimal results, you need to outsource your social media marketing jobs. Especially if you do not have the skill or man power required to run such. When you want to outsource, you don’t do it as a client but as an agency. You can think of it like this. You run a manufacturing company, and you suddenly one of your major machines developed a fault.

If possible, you would want to immediately reach out to another manufacturing company to use their machine for production, and at the end of the day, your product would be branded in your name. It’s the same scenario when it comes to outsourcing a social media ad management service. You do not, in this case, have the man-power or resources, but you do have the business name and market reputation.


White labeling social media ad management gives you the opportunity to impress your clients by reselling up-to-date technology, technical assistance, social media managers, etc. under your brand. This means every service of the white label service gets your logo, your name, your colors, and your price.

You won’t need to develop your software from scratch, neither do you need to hire personnel’s to coordinate with your client as you can leverage on the fully customizable software and human resource and turn into your product. Below is a summary of what you should expect while partnering with a white label social media company. Depending on the plan you subscribe to.

  • Working hand in hand with your client in your name and on your platform.
  • Giving your client regular update and progress reports on your behalf.
  • Fully customizable Facebook ad management tool.
  • White-label companies would use their tools and resources to give your client the best results and would measure these result using tools and analytics customized with your brand name and color.
  • Engaging your clientele prospective audience using the social media handle that would best suit them.
  • Representing you and your clients brand in the best way possible.
  • Machine learning social media ads management algorithm to get your clients the most qualified leads.
  • A system that can easily be integrated with your existing management system to streamline your workflow and promote your client engagement.

Nevertheless, not all that glitters might be gold. But by taking into consideration things that must be considered before choosing a white-labeling company, be rest assured that your agency and client would be left with smiles on your faces.

View White Label Services Packages


There are companies whose sole aim is to take up your client social media management tasks and give you credit and flexibility for it. These companies are called “white label companies.” White label social media management service agencies are the quickest, easiest and most reliable means to which you can get your social media tasks done. Since 2015, there has been an increase in the demand for white label services, particularly in the digital marketing niche.

White label agencies have a pool of social media experts at their disposal conversant with every major social media handle with the ability to tailor their strategies to generating leads for your client. Your agency might also have some experts that are also good with social media. But might not have adequate man-power to handle your client calls, weekly meetings, running reports and all of the other task involved in creating and maintaining a great social media strategy while you might think of employing the service of independent contractors (freelancers).

They are rather unstable and can quit without notice especially when they get a better offer. In the long run, white label companies are the most reliable and profitable means of outsourcing your client Facebook ad management project.

5 Reasons Why You Need the Help of a White Label Social Media Marketing Firm

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an unprecedented explosion in the use of social media. It has gained mainstay in internet marketing, thereby becoming a revolutionary tool that is used by marketers to drive an excellent conversion rate. As a white label social media marketing team, we’ve had to answer hundreds of questions about the use of social media for marketing from concerned clients. Well, it is not that difficult to understand why: with billions of people getting onboard on social media daily, it has become the most accessible place for brands to meet their target customers.

Facebook, for instance, has crossed 1 billion users and you know what such an incredible amount of audience mean for any serious marketer.Google has been telling us about social media and how it helps a business website rank better on search engine results. So when you thoroughly teach the use of social media for marketing, you are not just improving your chances to getting more brand following on social media, but you are also getting your website where it can be seen by people that need your product/services.

So the question is, can you handle social media marketing yourself? Or would it be better outsourcing it to a white label social media marketing firm? Of course, you will be doing yourself better if you outsource to a white label social media marketing firm and here are some compelling reasons why

1-Social Media Marketing is Not as Easy as it looks

Yes, you’ve registered your business on Facebook, Instagram, and a few other social media platforms, but does it stop there? There’s a lot more to be done if you want to reach and convert your target audience. Against popular belief, Facebook and Instagram are not just about throwing contents around. Certainly no! As a marketer, you need to be intentional about your approach to social media. It’s about building a community and continuously engaging them. There’s a need for extra care when handling social media marketing. This means making posts and comments that are on-topic while avoiding spammy strategies, and following up with posts and comments and replying them appropriately. All these take time and expertise. White label SEO firms know all these already, and they are ready to throw in their weight to help you gain quick and sustainable success, especially using the proper Facebook and Instagram Ad management techniques.

2-Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns Follow Certain Styles

The process of building and sustaining fans on Facebook and Instagram can be a little confusing, especially if you are new to it. It doesn’t just work like magic. You’ll have to study your market and know how best to capture the interest of your audience using the proper Facebook Ad management and Instagram Ad management techniques.You’re often too busy with other things to have enough time for that. But a white label social media marketing team knows what works and how to go about it. Exploit their knowledge and experience to market your brand through Facebook ad management, and Instagram ad management the right way, while avoiding early failure.

3-Social Media is Not a Silver Bullet Actually Yes!

You read that right. Like every other good approach, people want to make social media look so good. Sure, it is good, but we need to be clear on the fact that it is not going to get you rich overnight. There’s no magic about it. It is not going to get your phone ringing straight away. These things take time and tough work. With the right strategies like Facebook ad management, and Instagram ad management, your customer relationship will improve rapidly, and sales will start to come in as fast as you want. Getting a team of experts to handle it for you will ensure continuity and consistency.

4-Tracking is Difficult but Very Essential

Think about the number of times that you’ve had to push away a great marketing program because the cost seemed so high compared to returns. What if those times you felt so was because you had failed to measure it accurately? You know by now that a proper marketing campaign demands accurate tracking and measurement. Even before joining your project, white label social media marketing firms already have excellent measuring standard, so it will not be difficult to know which social media marketing program should be continued and which should be discontinued based on cost.

5-Return on Investment is Normally Long Term

No marketing strategy suffers from short attention spans and lack of follow-through as much as social media. The truth is that you may soon get discouraged and abandon the project if you don’t get immediate results. But by engaging a white label firm to handle social media marketing for a long term, especially Facebook ad management and Instagram ad management, you can set yourself up for success as you will hardly drop ideas that promise returns in the long run.

There you have it, some of the most important reasons why you need a white label service team to handle social media marketing for you. Achieving success is not that difficult after all, as long as you are ready to get the right people on board. Talk to us today about your questions and area of confusions, and we will help straighten them out for you, especially if it relates to Facebook Ad management and Instagram Ad management.

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