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Premium White Label PPC & Social Media Management Services for Growing Marketing Companies!

   All Prices are in Canadian Dollars

   USA Clients Pay Zero Taxes  &  $1 CAD = $0.76 USD approx.

  • White Label PPC

  • Media Buy Budget (Included)
  • Management Fee
  • Recommended Retail Price
  • Ad Networks
  • Ideal For
  • Smart PPC Management
  • Responsive Landing Page
  • Leads & Calls Tracking
  • Calls Recording


Fixed Management Fees for Search & Social Ad Campaign with $2,000 Plus Media Buy

Flat Management Fee Based on Media Buy

  • $2 to $5k Media Buy
    > $1k Management Fees
  • $5 to $10k Media Buy
    > $1.5k Management Fees
  • $10 to $25k Media Buy
    > $2.5k Management Fees
  • $25 to $50k Media Buy
    > $4k Management Fees
  • $50 to $100k Media Buy
    > $6k Management Fees

Campaign Management Addon

  • Smart PPC Management
    > 2% of media buy
  • Dynamic phone tracking & recording
    > $60 to $120 /mth based on media buy
  • Premium custom landing page design
    > $1k to $1.5k

Award Winning Outsourcing PPC Management Services for Growing Marketing Companies!

4 Qualities To Look For In White Label Digital Marketing Services

Can You Track Marketing ROI?

Have a conversation with your advertising agency about costs, management fees, and how much your agency will retain. At Green Lotus, we have a PPC management portal with live reports that provide our customers with detailing billing, including AdWords campaign dollars, so that they can easily calculate their online marketing ROI.

Are They Transparent?

Look at reviews about the quality of services at the advertising agency you are interested in. Many negative reviews could be a sign of negligence and a lack of transparency. At Green Lotus, we are highly rated with 60+ Google reviews. We provide affordable services that are designed to help small and medium businesses stay ahead of their competition online.

Are You Okay With An Average Agency?

A digital marketing agency that has been able to consistently deliver results is likely to provide affordable and effective online marketing solutions. Green Lotus is not your average agency; CEO, Bassem Ghali, is renown for developing effective marketing strategies for businesses online, and is a winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals.

Is Your Ad Agency Trustworthy?

A digital marketing company that has extensive experience with a wide variety of industries has a strong reputation of excellence. At Green Lotus, we are trusted by over 2,000 entrepreneurs, corporations, and SMBs for our innovative and affordable digital marketing solutions.

The Green Lotus Pay Per Click Management Method

PPC Strategy Review & Goal Setting

Without a plan, it is easy to go through a budget without generating a single lead. At Green Lotus, we do not start any new marketing campaigns unless we are confident that we will impact our clients’ bottom line and generate cost effective leads.

Geo-Location Targeting Ads

Google AdWords Geo-targeting features allow your ads to be focused on your target audience in a specific geographic location. As local search volume continues to grow, it is essential that your ads and keywords target your ideal customer in your area.

Text Ad Creation And Optimization

We use the latest innovations from Google AdWords to create ads that emphasize the business problem that you are solving for your customers. Our goal is to continually optimize campaigns, generate effective leads for your business, and reach your ideal target audience.

AdWords Conversion Tracking

All Green Lotus PPC service clients receive immediate updates about new conversions, phone calls, and messages through our PPC management system. Through our live reports, you will be able to track and view your PPC conversions live, as they happen.

Expert Keyword Research

Before each campaign begins, we perform a detailed keywords research analysis on your industry and competitors in your targeted geographic area(s). With our expert keyword research SEO Tools, we can implement targeting marketing strategies to increase your leads in a cost effective way

Landing Page Design

We work with our clients to create personalized, high conversion landing pages that emphasize your service features and benefits. We continue to test and optimize relevant landing pages to increase conversion rates, and generate the most effective leads for your business.

Google Display Network And Remarketing

We use the latest Google AdWords display ad formats and targeting features to reach your target market. Even if a potential customer leaves your website without making a purchase, AdWords remarketing campaigns assists with reconnecting them to your ads as they browse the web.

Dynamic Phone Tracking Setup

Green Lotus implements dynamic phone tracking systems that allow us to track the phone calls generated by your AdWords campaign, and perform a deep analysis. Knowing the specific keywords used to generate a phone lead allows us to optimize for the best return on investment by focusing on keywords that are driving phone calls and conversions.

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Work With Canada’s Most Trusted White Label Online Marketing Outsourcing Services

If you want guaranteed results in the search space, pay-per-click campaigns are the way to go. Think about it: your customers either know what they want… or they know they need a problem solved and they’re looking for help. The majority of the time, they’re searching for a service provider that can help them right now, and often in close proximity to their location. That means that the most powerful way to capitalize on the urgency of your prospects’ needs is to be the first result they see in their search by investing in PPC campaigns.

You might have some reservations around the cost of PPC. Wouldn’t investing in SEO be a better play? The simple answer is that it depends – but if you’re looking for “right now” results, PPC is your clear choice. You’ll only pay for the clicks you receive, and if your strategy is well executed, then you’ll get a lot of results for a minimal investment. (Hey, if you’re doing SEO too, you’ll only appear more relevant to the prospect by coming up in paid and organic results.)

Executing an effective strategy comes down to two factors: working with an expert that knows how to run a good campaign  – and finding someone that understands how to capitalize on understanding customer intent to get a leg up on the competition. If you’ve found that person, then together you can create a highly targeted and cost-effective strategy.


Partnering with an agency that specializes in white labeling PPC Management allows you to leverage their depth of skill, while still promoting those services under your own brand to protect your client relationships. And while there are innumerable benefits to a partnerships like this, we’ve highlighted the top 5 reasons why outsourcing your PPC management is the best way to get your clients more leads!

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Agency PPC Management Services

#1 An Inclusive Methodology:

Take advantage of a team of pay-per-click experts with a proven track record of building winning PPC campaigns. At Green Lotus, our signature methodology includes 8 components to a winning PPC management strategy, starting with getting aligned on goals. When you opt for PPC management services, you’ll receive:

  • PPC Strategy Review & Goal Setting 
  • Geo-Location Targeting Ads
  • Text Ad Creation And Optimization
  • AdWords Conversion Tracking
  • Expert Keyword Research 
  • Landing Page Design 
  • Google Display Network And Remarketing 
  • Dynamic Phone Tracking Setup 

#2 Instant Updates to Maximize Local Leads:

Because so many leads are using mobile for search, and looking for location-specific solutions that they will immediately act on, having instant updates related to local leads is a huge edge.

Green Lotus provides instant notifications of phone calls and emails for local leads to help you track, optimize and capitalize on that sense of urgency, and the opportunity to make a sale immediately.

#3 Full Visibility to Data & ROI:

Outsourcing services is a concern for agencies that fear losing a sense of control and virility to what’s happening within the account. However, Green Lotus’ PPC Management white label services delivers data transparently through our Advertiser’s Portal, which provides live, detailed reports, which can be viewed on a desktop or smartphone and provides insights on leads, conversations, AdWords Spend, website traffic and more.

#4 Affordable Value & Experience:

Green Lotus brings more than 10 years of PPC management experience to each strategy, and leverages the latest industry best practises to drive client results. But rather than paying premium fees, our company has designed a flexible, cost-effective model that is 100% transparent with no hidden fees and month-to-month options.

#5 Cutting-Edge Machine Learning Technology:

Working with Green Lotus means you’re taking advantage of Canada’s first machine-learning AdWords and PPC Management tools for small businesses. Our AI tools and machine learning algorithm works 24/7 to deliver the most qualified leads at the lowest possible cost. We maximize technology to automatically optimize the number of phone calls, requests for quotes and driving directions to your location.

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