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How to Pick the Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business?

Digital marketing has evolved over the years, with lots of interesting features making it even more effective. Savvy marketers and business owners are already switching to modern digital marketing trends in a bid to attract more clicks and conversions.

However, there are so many digital marketing platforms that it can be quite a stress picking one to focus on. Recently, I’ve had a lot of business owners and site operators come to me to ask which they should go with, considering the overwhelming nature of this medium.

With several updates going on weekly with SEO, email marketing, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, and all those, you would be right to justify the confusion of digital marketers.
If you’ve not paid attention to SEO and all that’s been going on with it in recent years, then you should not be surprised if your website visits begin to take a plunge for the worst.

Perhaps it’s time you realize that your website needs to be at the top of Search Engine Results if you must make any meaningful progress. Of course, one easy way to do this is to hire an SEO service, but if you choose to do it yourself, then here are a few strategies you want to consider. View Green Lotus Digital Marketing Services!

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1- Focus on Quality Content

Whether it is on social media or in your personal blogs, you need to hold the attention of people if you need to make any meaningful impact. This is because content is key in modern day digital marketing. People will always search for information, both online and on social media. If you don’t have what people will search for, then you are probably going to have an increased bounce rate on your website. This is one of the reasons you need to have properly researched content on your platforms.

People will need information, and it will be nice for them to see it on your site. It makes them view you as an industry expert, therefore increasing the reputation of your products. By focusing on quality content, you are not only improving your click rate, but you are also setting yourself apart in the industry and earning yourself loyal customers.

Enhance Current Content

This strategy works hand in hand with the first. The truth is that no matter how informative your contents are, they will not have the right effect if your target audience find it difficult to read. Hence, in addition to creating well researched and informative content, there’s a need to make each post readable. Tweak headlines and make them catchy and inviting; break the text with paragraphs and attractive pictures.

If possible, add videos that your targets might find relevant to the information you are seeking. These will help ease the process of passing your messages to your target customers, therefore increasing trust for your brand.

Social Media Marketing

As much as I’ve discussed content and content enhancements, it is also vital that I talk about social media marketing; after all, it is the rave of marketing in this modern era. Social media marketing is what modern digital marketers are leveraging on to get broad reach, especially among millennials.

To start with, social media marketing is the process of leveraging different social media platforms to build traffic for your website as well as to create awareness for your brand. Usually, you will need to create business social media accounts across multiple platforms.

The most popular social media platforms for connecting with targets are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. There are a few others, but you must understand that what you do with these platforms is as important as the platform you make use of. So you will have to pay importance to the strategies you adopt. These days, you can even incorporate paid ads into your social media marketing strategies to get the kind of attention you want for your business. View Social Media Marketing Services!

Want to Learn How to Dominate the First Page of Google?

Website Optimization

Your website is your most important digital marketing tool. Take away your products or the services you offer and your website is all you have. You have to pay great importance to your website, its look, and everything about it. Most people go to your website when they need to know anything about your brand or the products you offer. As much as possible, promote your website on every platform possible. Create newsletters and advertise your website in them.

Also, promote your website on your social media pages and on the pages of other social media influencers. Keep trying different things and monitor the click back rate that each brings to see which is best. Invest more in the ones that are doing better and less in the ones with very low click back rate. View Our SEO Service Packages!

PPC and Display Marketing

These two work similarly. While other strategies that we’ve highlighted here require serious work and patience to work effectively, PPC works immediately, as long as you are ready to spend money. In the case of display marketing, you pay to have an advertisement for your website appear on a third party’s website. This is mainly done to generate traffic and create brand awareness. This strategy can be used to retarget your audience.

There you have it, strategies that can help you achieve better click rate and of course, returns on investment. Remember, you need to study your target audience to know which of these strategies can be used to target them better. If you have any more questions, please drop a comment on this post. View our PPC Service Packages!

Interview with John Shehata, Executive Director of Search & Social at ABC News.

Want to Learn How to Dominate the First Page of Google?