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How to Create Great YouTube Videos & Optimize Them for Maximum Results.

YouTube is a busy place online. Based on YouTube statistics over 800 million unique visitors watch almost 3 billion hours of video each month!

With such high traffic, YouTube marketing videos are a relatively inexpensive, effective way to market your business.

How to make the most effective videos for your business:

  • Know Your Audience – You don’t need to create a hilarious viral sensation in order to be successful in using YouTube in your marketing efforts. Simply create content that your own customers can relate to. If you’re not sure exactly who your audience is, you can experiment with different content to learn more about them! Just remember, you don’t need to connect with all YouTube viewers, you just need to reach the right ones.
  • How-To Videos are Winners – One of the most common searches people do using YouTube is for “how-to” content. Share your business expertise with your target audience and potential customers. It will help turn your business into a trusted source of information and build relationships and loyalty that can lead to new business. If you provide helpful tips valuable to your audience, they will likely share your video with other potential customers.
  • Learn From What Works – YouTube Analytics offers data that, if reviewed and analysed, can offer great insight into the psyches of your audience. The data can also help you create more effective videos by showing you what content people watching, how people find your videos and what encourages them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Learning what works can help you attract more viewers and more sharing. The result is a wider social reach for your business!
  • Keep it Short – Attention spans online are short – keep your videos between three and four minutes and viewers will be more likely to watch the whole video.

Want to gain more viewers?

Here are some additional tips:

YouTube Channel: upload the video to the most appropriate channel for the business brand (don’t use personal accounts). Need help? Checkout Green Lotus SEO Services!

Video Title: the title should begin with the main keyword or main product feature, and include targeted geographical location and brand name (if applicable). The title shouldn’t exceed 45 characters (about 5-7 words).
*Hint: use the main keyword to rename the video file before uploading as well.

Video Description: the description should be compelling and drive the user to take action. Use relevant “long tail keywords” in the description and include clickable links (to your product and catalogue pages) in the first line.

Video Tags: Use 5-10 tags for each video (e.g. product name, product benefits, city, province, brand name).

Rating: allow viewers to rate your videos. If you provide great content viewers will give the video a high rating, and drive more viewers to the video.

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