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5 Golden Tips to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn & Social Media

Social media marketing has seen significant growth over the past few years. People are making good use of these platforms to amplify and grow their businesses. While there have been lots of talks about other social media platforms, LinkedIn stands truly, a marketing giant with lots of potential to grow and promote your brand.

There are around 600 million professionals in the world and LinkedIn is aiming to have them all on board! They have accomplished half of the goal with 300 million professionals already enrolled! This makes LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. Clearly, a great opportunity to put your brand at the center of exposure.

A general idea about promoting your brand on LinkedIn

Before delving further, lets firstly address this question. What is your brand? Your brand is you, yourself. You need to promote yourself. There are basically three ways to go about it.

  • Identity- you need to put forth your identity on LinkedIn in order for employers to notice you. You should be very true with everything and shouldn’t fabricate anything because it’s the modern age and truth do comes out eventually. So, there is no running away from the truth. Mention your achievements and degrees as they are.
  • Insights- tell about the insights of your career. Let people know about your current status and what you are looking for in the current times. Be very practical and don’t talk about your goals and aspirations. Tell the world who you are and what you want right now.
  • Everywhere- with the advent of mobile technology, its easier to stay connected anywhere you go. Make use of this, and be up to date every time. Also, there are hundreds of resources for you on LinkedIn which could be needed anytime and anywhere. So be geared up with LinkedIn downloaded on every device.

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5 advanced tips on how to grow your business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is by far the best platform for you if you are an SMB and looking to grow your business. Here are some tips which you can use up to do the same

1- Create your personal profile

As I mentioned earlier, you yourself is the brand. Build your personal profile carefully and impeccably. Put a nice picture of your’s in the profile and make sure that it’s a proper headshot of your’s with a professional tint to it. Don’t be informal with anything you do on your profile. Now, after putting the picture, its time for you to write your bio.

You need to be very creative while writing your bio. It should not describe simply your work positions and duration, it should tell a story. It should focus on the amazing and challenging things you have done related to your work. This is how you’ll attract employers as they demand uniqueness in their employees.

2- Create your company profile

Many people miss out on this but its really a great opportunity. What’s more, is that it’s completely free. You can set up your company profile quite easily. Again, as you did with your personal profile, be very diligent while creating your company profile. Remember, it is the first impression of your company.

Also, the company profile you are building should not resonate with your website. Here, at your profile, you are going to push out content to targeted customers rather than attract page views. To increase the visibility of your profile, you should recommend colleagues and employees to put mentions of your company in their profiles. This way, more and more people will get to know about your business.

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3- Build a social media following

Now that you have established yourself on LinkedIn, its time to build up a following. As I said earlier, you can get more visitors and followers if your colleagues and employees start promoting your company’s profile. Other than that, you can join LinkedIn groups which is the best feature of LinkedIn. There are some amazing groups with quality professionals and you can join them easily. This way, you will get to have peer to peer conversations with people involved in a similar business like your’s and even the competitors.

This way you can build up supporters and followers. Also, don’t forget to contribute to these groups and try to provide the best value to the group members. Don’t be promotional as that would result in you being kicked out of the group. Strive to provide value and the promotion will happen itself.

4- Engage with your social media followers

You’ve grown your following and it doesn’t end here. You need to feed your followers with content. Publish rich and insightful content that would provide value to your followers. Also, with LinkedIn, you can send status updates to your followers regarding your published content. But, be smart when you do this.

Your content wouldn’t necessarily be relevant for every one of your followers. So, send only targeted status updates. Keep the value graph always up and make promotion, the secondary thing. Publish a promotional content only after providing four valuable contents for your followers. Frequency plays a vital role and you need to have it. Publish frequently and follow a fixed time pattern so your followers can determine your approach and benefit from your content.

5- Monitor and study the metrics, make modifications where needed

Use the amazing resources that LinkedIn provides for measuring advanced insights and statistics about how your profile and content are performing. Take a record of specific details and follow the trend to know about places where improvements can be made. It’s a completely digital platform and you are not scratching on stones so everything can be modified. Also, look for content that is driving most audience and put more of that for constant success.

These are some professional, tried and tested tricks for amplifying the growth of your brand on LinkedIn. Make complete use of this amazing professional platform and bring about innovation in whatever you doto stand out. Success will come gradually but it will come definitely.

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