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How We Helped Our Client Rank For More Than 100 Keywords On Google’s 1st Page Without Paying For Advertising!


Remington Medical Inc. is one of Canada’s best suppliers of medical supplies, they have tried to do SEO before but have never seen great results. Just a few months after hiring Green Lotus to do their SEO, their website has started to climb up the rankings. The newly implemented SEO strategy has allowed their website to attract qualified leads online and close more sales faster than ever before, without the need to pay for Google Ads.

Green Lotus has significantly increased our Google ranking and traffic in such short amount of time. This translated into a major increase in business leads and ultimately sales. Our monthly SEO strategy meetings and reports are a valuable tool showing where we rank vs our competitors, how many new sales and leads we have acquired. A+ to Baseem and the Green Lotus team.

Kyle Lee
Marketing & Sales Manager

Remington Medical SEO Results After Using Green Lotus SEO Services:

Ranks for 103 keywords on the 1st page of Google search results.

The Competitive Site Visibility graph below shows how many keywords show on the 1st page of Google over time, and across Canada. Green Lotus was able to improve Remington Medical’s average website Google ranking by more than 427%

Moved from the 19th to 3rd position of the most dominant sites on

The Traffic Score Trend graph below shows which sites are most visible on Google for 200 keywords measured across Canada. The more keywords with top positions on search engine results pages, the higher the traffic score. Sites with a high traffic score get the most traffic and business!

Client’s ranking score has outranked industry leaders like (more than 20 years in business) and major digital players like eBay, Amazon and Kijiji

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4 Qualities To Look For When Choosing A Search Engine Optimization Agency

Are They Transparent?

Look at reviews about the quality of services at the SEO service agency you are interested in. Many negative reviews could be a sign of negligence and a lack of transparency. At Green Lotus, we are highly rated with 60+ Google reviews. We provide affordable services that are designed to help small and medium businesses stay ahead of their competition online.

Are You Okay With An Average Agency?

An online marketing agency that has been able to consistently deliver results is likely to provide affordable and effective online marketing solutions. Green Lotus is not your average agency; CEO, Bassem Ghali, is renown for developing effective marketing strategies for businesses online, and is a winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals.

Is Your Agency Trustworthy?

A digital marketing company that has extensive experience with a wide variety of industries has a strong reputation of excellence. At Green Lotus, we are trusted by over 2,000 entrepreneurs, corporations, and SMBs for our innovative and affordable digital marketing solutions.

Do They Follow Google Guidelines?

As a Google partner, our Agency consistently meets Google’s standards of quality and performance. Our partnership gives us quick access to industry updates, product changes, and rapidly resolve issues. Our decade SEO company has developed proven methods for making it easier for your target audience to find your website.

Green Lotus Is Canada’s Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency & SEO Service Provider!

We’re dedicated to providing small businesses with affordable and effective online marketing strategies and SEO services. With a focus on increasing organic traffic to your website, Green Lotus goes the extra mile to consult, create, and implement the most appropriate online marketing strategies based on business needs and online goals.

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