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Top 7 Twitter Tips for Small & Medium Businesses

LindsaysFile[1]Twitter’s latest “Small Business Customer Insights White Paper” demonstrates that 60% of respondents have made a purchase from an business based on something they saw on Twitter and 86% plan to make a purchase in the future. Most importantly, 43% of respondents plan to make multiple purchases from the small & medium businesses they follow on Twitter.

Twitter followers are long-time brand customers with two-thirds (66%) of respondents following their favorite small & medium businesses for at least six months and 56% have never unfollowed a business.

Top 7 Twitter Best Practices to Engage Audiences, Increase Followers & Generate Leads!

2222[1]1. Tweeting Schedule: Work to establish a regular Tweeting schedule so audiences can know when to expect an update!

Days & Times – Twitter has double the engagement rate when Tweets are published during the day 8am-7pm, but some businesses Tweet 24hrs/day to reach different time zones.

Every audience is different and testing is imperative – tweet every day of the week at set times and conduct an analysis to develop a schedule of optimal engagement times and days based on audience response.

2. Be Relevant: All Tweets should have an engaging tone. Share useful content, exciting news and relevant promotions/sales. Include links, pictures and be current!

3. Short & Sweet: Tweets are brief, simple and easy to digest. There is no optimal length for a Tweet, but remember that when your Tweet is Retweeted characters are used up, and longer updates might no longer be visible, so keep them short!

4. Engage Users: Develop a conversation with Twitter users and followers using the @reply and mentions. Followers can become the strongest brand advocates, provide them with opportunities to get involved with your brand (eg-exclusive deals, provide product feedback, a sneak peek behind the scenes).

images for white paper_R25. Promoted Accounts: Promoted Tweets extend your business brand reach beyond your current Twitter follower base so that you can be discovered by other relevant users and potential clients.

6. Trends: Twitter trends are determined by interests and locations, and a great way to join the conversation online using a #Hashtag and keywords. Be sure to research trend keywords and ensure they are related to your Tweet.

7. Contests: Host a contest, or giveaway and boost Twitter engagement. Twitter has a full set of Contest Guidelines to help ensure a smooth process.