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Case Study on Video Marketing – Digging Doug

The Dec 2012 Donate & Learn Workshop focused on search and social media marketing for businesses. The entire Workshop marketing campaign was centered around Doug and the online marketing dilemma he faced with his business – Pulled Pork Designs.

GL Doug logoDoug danced his way into the hearts of many with over 11,000 views on YouTube, 500+ Likes on Facebook, and reached corners of the world with comments coming from as far away as Australia!

Doug even made his way to the Green Lotus logo he became so popular.

Video marketing is a tricky practice that requires a thorough understanding of target audience, online habits and emotions that resonate. Getting one of these factors wrong can result in a costly and ineffective video campaign.

BIG3 Video Agency gets it right! The challenge with marketing for the Donate & Learn initiative is the broad target audience. BIG3 hit the nail on the head with an exciting, entertaining and funny video of a cute and ‘likeable’ mascot.

See for yourself – Watch the BIG 3 Video Agency Case Study:

Dec 2012 Donate & Learn Workshop Video:

Donate & Learn EXPO – Nov 2013:

Stay tuned to Green Lotus, Doug may be making a comeback for the Donate & Learn EXPO Nov 2013, a half day event where business owners, like Doug, can build a professional and effective website (with the help of experts), learn about video, search and social media marketing, discover the latest technologies available to businesses and network with like minds!