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2 Interesting Reasons Why You Should Revamp your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Do you have a mobile SEO strategy? Do you know how much it can impact your business? Well, if you don’t, then you probably don’t know how much you are losing out from not incorporating mobile SEO in your marketing approach.

Over the last few years, a lot has been talked about optimizing websites for mobile search and how much it will impact modern marketing. Gradually and consistently, we’ve approached a major peak on the topic, with lots of marketers and CEO already fully adopting mobile optimization for their websites.
It is not exactly surprising that marketers are towing this line of action in mass, considering that for the first time in history, mobile searches have exceeded searches done on desktop and not just by a slight margin.

Google recently officially announced that they would stop investing on desktop crawlers, opting for bigger investment on mobile crawlers rather.
Recently, the world’s biggest search company launched one of its most significant algorithm updates which focused on mobile first indexing, which basically favors search on mobile browsers over desktops and laptops. What this means is that without optimizing your website for mobile search, it is headed for doom. View our SEO Services!

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There are two things an online marketer must consider to gain marketing success in this century:

  • Optimize for mobile search
  • Create the best user experience for mobile searchers.

If you’ve failed to incorporate these two strategies in the past, then you should have noticed a very fast drop in search result ranking, which you should not really be surprised about. When you notice your organic traffic begin to drop, which is imminent in this situation, then the first thing to check is how optimized for mobile users your website is. This update should not take you by surprise if you’ve followed the online marketing trend for the last few years.

The thing is that Google is simply saying that if you do not offer a good experience on mobile, then you do not deserve good ranking by any means.Apart from web traffic, which is actually very important, let’s talk about a few other reasons why it is crucial for every business to design and implement mobile marketing strategies. View our Google Ads Management Services!

Want to Learn How to Dominate the First Page of Google?

1- Shoppers Rely on Mobile-Based Searches

Yes, we know that it still boils down to web traffic, but there’s a need to also talk about how shoppers are increasingly relying on mobile-based searches to shop online. The thing is that these days, almost everybody owns a smartphone because of the special level of convenience it brings. Of course, that means that most customers are prone to utilizing their mobile devices for making decisions about what store to buy from.

Quite a lot of buyers look at multiple review websites before making a purchase decision about which supplier to purchase from. These reviews are typically found easily online, and they are emphatic enough to help customers decide which supplier to go with from a plethora of them. The truth is that most of these customers prefer to read online reviews on the go, and none does it better than mobile devices.

2- Mobile is Outplacing Desktops

We’ve talked a bit about this point, but it is essential to look at it better for emphasis purpose. The mobile landscape had over the years continued to emerge as a powerful means for brands to connect with both returning and prospective customers.This is one of the reasons why marketers should opt for developing mobile marketing strategies that will give them the ability to drive better traffic through this method and of course, more profit. Research statistics currently place that U.S. residents are on their mobile devices for at least three hours per day.Millennials more particularly opt for devices over desktop, so if your product is targeting millennials, you know for sure that mobile marketing is something to invest in.

There you have it, reasons why you need to invest in mobile marketing strategies. It is worth mentioning at this point that 80 percent of businesses that fail to incorporate mobile strategy in their marketing are estimated to loose greatly in sales potential. If you are still confused about why you should begin incorporating mobile marketing strategy, then feel free to send us a message for further discussion on this topic. View our Small Business Digital Marketing Solutions!

Want to Learn How to Dominate the First Page of Google?