Online Marketing Tips


How to Run an Effective Online Marketing Strategy & the Metrics that Matter!

Are you looking for ways to ramp up your online marketing campaign? At the recent Donate & Learn Expo, Green Lotus Founder Bassem Ghali offered helpful tips for developing a successful online strategy. Have more questions? Check Green Lotus PPC Management Services!

1. Organized Structure = Successful Campaign

Organization is key! Have a goal and know how you’re going to track it. Have a budget and work within it. Map out your ad content. Quick Win: Use relevant Google AdWords extensions such as location, phone, app download, Google+ and more. Remember: Anything that looks different on a Search Results Page usually gets a higher Click Through Rate!

2. Important Landing Page Elements

When it comes to landing pages, simplicity wins. The design should be clean and to the point with visible calls-to-action. Your content should include clear headlines, highlight an attractive offer and include product benefits. In five seconds or less your landing page should tell clients what’s in it for them, how much will it cost and how to get it!

3. The Latest Technology in Leads Tracking

So can offline activities, such as phone calls, be linked to specific AdWords campaigns? Using offline phone lead tracking to connect offline activities with your AdWords campaign will provide you with detailed data based on real conversions, and help optimize the campaign and maximize ROI.

4. Ongoing Management Strategy & Product Seasonality

If you don’t choose the right management strategy, all your hard work will be for nothing. Once all conversions are integrated with Google AdWords, use the data collected to select the best strategy to meet your online marketing goals (enhanced CPC, conversion optimizer, flexible bid strategy). Don’t forget – search seasonality has a major impact on conversion rates and average order values (which always increase dramatically when traffic spikes occur). Plan ahead for important dates/seasons related to your products and services, and capitalize on traffic spikes.

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