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7 Tips to Get on Google’s 1st Page Without Breaking the Bank

Nowadays, the popularity of a website is known with its search engine result ranking. The more your website proceeds towards the first page of the search result page, the more popular and well-known your website will turn out to be. But, to achieve that, you need to follow a few steps which can help you to rank up faster in the search engine result page.

#1 – Which one to choose? SEO or SEM?

It is a very common question among all the new websites that whether to invest in SEO first or invest in advertisement in the first place. Investing in SEO is like investing in a new car. You can get a car that costs $20,000 and you can keep on paying the whole amount as $2000 for the next 3 to 4 years. And, after the loan period is over, you can still have the car along with the mileage. But, SEM is somewhat like leasing a car. Buying Google ads is being compared to leasing a car as it stops to impact your business as soon as you stop paying for the ads and thus comes with no long term added value.

SEO or SEM, which one you choose depends completely upon your strategy. While SEO is meant for long term strategic plans, SEM is best for strategic plans that are of short term. SEO provides your site with steady growth in traffic and takes somewhat about 3 to 6 months for establishing higher rankings. Whereas, in SEM there is an instant hike in traffic when compared to SEO. Also, search engines are not into charging money for getting organic traffic but in SEM the search engines are into charging money for per click. SEO provides consistent traffic which is not the case with SEM. View our digital marketing services for small businesses!

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#2 – Digital marketing is a game of numbers

The whole process of digital marketing is really very tough. In today’s world, 43% of the business owners and business managers are lacking in time. And, there are also around 47% of the new business owners having no knowledge of digital marketing.

If you are having immense knowledge in the field of data segmentation, data sorting or software development with no knowledge of digital marketing, that won’t help. To rank at the top of the search engine results, knowledge of digital marketing strategies is very much required. Digital marketing is completely a game of numbers, from start to finish. There are various tools out there in the market that can help you to measure and track down everything easily.

Green Lotus tools is among the best tools that you can use for digital marketing purpose. In fact, it is Canada’s first SEO tool. It comes with 35 tools in total and that too all in one place. It helps in putting all the data gathered from MOZ, Majestic and SEMRUSH under one umbrella.

It also offers human phone support. Green Lotus now has around 2000 clients and it has been translated in 5 languages till now. Did you know that Green Lotus is the only free SEO tool provider where you don’t need any kind of credit cards or other payments for getting the service. Keep in mind that SEOs are very time consuming and you need to keep a proper track of them to record the development. View our SEO services for small businesses!

#3 – What are the benefits of using Green Lotus SEO Tools?

No matter if you are an SEO expert or not, Green Lotus comes with easy to follow DIY SEO checklist. Every time you open the tool, you can easily track what you have done till now and what are the things left to be done. The best part is that a number of team members of your business can easily collaborate in the same tool.

Green Lotus is the only DIY SEO tool provider that comes with free phone support. So, if you need to give knowledge to your SEO manager or you need to give your SEO specialist more values, Green Lotus offers one on one SEO coaching for your ease. To help you out with all the tools arranged in one place, Green Lotus comes with 35+ tools all under one roof which includes site audit tools, tools for competitor spying, tools for building links, tools for social media and many more.

Want to Learn How to Dominate Googles’s 1st Page?

#4 – Get to know whether the budget is working out for you or not

The main problem that you can see in digital marketing is that you are not sure whether the money you have spent is working or not. It has been found that around 62% of the business owners do not have any idea that whether the money spent by them online is giving its full effectiveness or not.

So, you can keep track of everything in order to make sure that the money you spend online is working to some extent. You can easily use the latest tools to track and measure each and every aspect of the marketing campaign. Keep a track of cost-per-lead and conversion rate, e-commerce sales, email lead forms, phone call leads, keyword ranking, digital marketing ROI and many others.

#5 – Use A/B testing landing pages for your Google Ads

Creating dynamic landing pages is the best way to rank up in the search engine result page. Try to A/B test everything. How will you know that your page is performing better than the other pages? A/B test is the solution. Check out which options are working which are not. Compare your page with your competitors. Keep a track of your designs, promotions, pricing, colors and content in comparison to your competitor. Testing is everything.

#6 – Use dynamic phone leads tracking

This can help you measure each and every phone call conversions from your offline, digital and search marketing campaigns along with PPC keywords.  The best part is that you can even measure the quality of the leads that your page generates from calls. Also, with this, you can show your phone number only to the audience who are really interested in your services.

#7 – Take advantage of Machine Learning PPC bid management tools

Artificial intelligence is regarded as the future of searching over the internet. There are various artificial intelligence devices like Alexa and Google Home that helps people to search easily for what they want over the internet. But, how to be present in the search results provided by the artificial intelligence devices? It is easy.

Green Lotus came up with the first Machine Learning PPC services which help you to get a clear idea of the flock of keywords that people generally use for searching via artificial intelligence devices. It is much more efficient than physical keyword searches as by doing it yourself you can only take out a few of the keywords to be incorporated in your site. View our Machine Learning PPC bid management services!

But, with the PPC service, you can get flocks of keywords that you can incorporate in your website for getting higher rankings among the AI device search results.

Want to Learn How to Dominate Googles’s 1st Page?