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Top 5 Helpful Tips to Boost Your Google AdWords for the Holiday

If you don’t currently have  an advertising campaign,  Green Lotus highly recommends setting up Google AdWords campaign; you can have your ads up and running in a matter of few hours!

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been running your campaign for long time, the following tips will help you to fine tune your Google AdWords Campaign and maximise conversions.

Top 5 Helpful Tips to Boost Your Google AdWords Campaign for the Holiday Season:

1- Start Fresh

Create new ad groups with a holiday theme, Consumers think differently around this time of year; whether they are loyal, discount or last minute shoppers. Carefully crafted ads could capture their attention, and improve your Return On Investment (ROI).

2- Select your Keywords Carefully

Consumers search differently during the holiday season, so try to include keywords that consumers are more likely to use when searching for your products e.g. “gifts for women” “TV deals” or “cheap presents for kids” etc. Use the AdWords Keyword Tool to build extensive, relevant keyword lists from one simple interface.

3- Holiday Ad Copy Theme

If you have an existing ad copy, pick the best performing ads (2-3) and incorporate holiday season wording such as“sale”, “gifts”, “discounts”, “free shipping”, “same day delivery” etc, to stand out from the crowd.

4- Improve your Landing Page(s)

Start by asking; what do I want my visitors to do on this page? Use of benefit-driven copy instead of product descriptions is highly recommended. It is important to have a clear call to action that matches the message of the ad.

5- It’s Time to Test the Google Display Network

Having your ads displayed on the Google Display Network could provide you with great source of cheap traffic, and cost effective conversions. It is recommended that you keep your display network, and search campaigns ads separate so you can make changes to each campaign independently.