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How to Choose the Most Effective Keywords for your Business Website

Green Lotus SEO Tools provide great Keyword Research Tools!

3 Steps to Keyword Research:
In 3 simple steps you can find the perfect keywords to focus on for your search engine optimization.

STEP 1 Get Keyword Suggestions

With Green Lotus SEO Tools select Keyword Research > Get Suggestions
Type the keyword you want to research and the Keyword Suggestion Tool will search for keywords and data related to your target word.

Keyword Basket

Keyword Data Includes:

  • Global Searches – the search volume (or number of global monthly searches) for the keyword
  • Local Searches – the local search volume for the keyword in your set location/country (eg-the search volume in Canada)
  • Bid Competition –the number of advertisers who are bidding on the keyword (ie-the level of competition)
  • Search Trends – the volume of search in each of the last 12 months, the overall performance of the keyword (every month is represented by 1 column)
  • Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) – a correlation between Search Volume and Bid Competition, showing the effectiveness of the keyword.

What Makes a Keyword a Good Keyword?

Keywords that have a HIGH Search Volume and LOW to MODERATE Bid Competition – resulting in a HIGH KEI.
– with a HIGH Search Volume you are ensuring that your keyword is a relevant and popular search term
– with a LOW-MODERATE Bid Competition you are ensuring that you do not compete with advertisers/campaigns that are paying to rank for the keyword.

Select your keywords based on relevance to your products/services and their KEI score. Optimize your webpage content with 1-2 keywords each to improve your organic rankings.


STEP 2 Spy on Your Competitors

With Green Lotus SEO Tools select Keyword Research > Spy on Competitors
Type the URL of your competitor you want to research and the Spy on Competitors Tool will search the website for the keywords they use (and provide the relevant data including KEI).

The Goal:
Learn what keywords your competitors are optimizing on their website and make sure that you remain competitive by optimizing your own website with the appropriate keywords.

STEP 3 Your Keyword Basket

Green Lotus SEO Tools has a convenient Keyword Basket where you can add keywords you have researched, and save the work you have done. To add a keyword to your Keyword Basket select the basked icon next to the word:

Keyword Add To Basket

Your Keyword Basket will also display additional data once you link your Google Analytics to Green Lotus SEO Tools:
Impressions – the number of times pages of your website appeared in Google search results for the keyword
Clicks – the number of times a user clicked on your website in search results after searching for the keyword

Keyword Basket

Keyword Tags – you can also add Tags to your keywords based on their relevance to your products, services, etc. and sort your keyword basket. This is ideal for when you are writing new content and need to find the relevant keyword(s) to include.

BONUS TIP – Set Your Search Parameters
To get accurate data on local search it is important to set your search parameters in Green Lotus SEO Tools. In Keyword Research Tools select the Settings icon.

Columns Tab – allows you to select the data you would like to view

Set Search Parameters

Local Searches Tab – allows you to narrow down your research to a Target Location (Country, City or region) and Target Language.

Search Parameters

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