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LinkedIn Sponsored Updates – a new way to reach your target audience!

Great News from LinkedIn!

Professionals on LinkedIn look for content that is relevant to their industry and business practices. Reach your target audience with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and your content will appear in LinkedIn feeds, whether they are using a mobile device, desktop or tablet!

What are LinkedIn Sponsored Updates?

The is the most common practice in LinkedIn marketing to date involves publishing updates about your brand, products and services, as well as articles that are relevant to your audience, on your LinkedIn Company Page.

With Sponsored Updates you can now ‘sponsor’ your best LinkedIn Company Page updates and content and it will appear in the LinkedIn feed of any LinkedIn member, not just those who are following your Company Page!

With the targeting capabilities of Sponsored Updates you can define your target audience using criteria such as location, company size, job function(s) and seniority. It is important to clearly define your target audience prior to setting up any marketing campaign – if you target too specifically your update may only reach a small audience, but if you are too general in your targeting you may miss out on an audience that is important to your business.

The Benefits of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates:

1. Increase your Reach

Sponsored Updates is an added bonus to your current marketing practices and will help increase awareness of your business brand, products and services and reach millions of LinkedIn users, not just those who are already following your Company Page.

2. Drive Quality Leads

Sponsored Updates are targeted to specific audiences and will promote content that professionals are looking for, and help generate additional relevant leads.

3. Build new Relationships

Sponsored Updates will help you develop the online and social value of your business. By promoting your best content to target audiences you establish trust and become known as an expert in your industry.