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7 Guiding Principles for Marketing Through Bloggers

Bloggers are the key to online marketing success. They are perceived as reliable, and as providers of quality content. Today there are 130 million blogs, out of about 700 million websites (as of early 2013).

How does the blogger’s head work? And what is the appropriate way to get through to them? How do we get relevant bloggers to spread the news about products?

1. Information and Media
Give a wealth of information, including links
Influential bloggers reflect their own personal angle. Also, they do not need skirt around the common denominator, contrary to traditional press, so it is recommended to send as much information as possible – photos, videos, links – so bloggers can generate their own interesting connections and talk bring fresh perspectives to your brand .

2. Community
Remember, Bloggers are community managers
A Blog’s audience is a tribe. Some are small, but in fact some tribes include five million readers. The blogger leads his readers like a chief, minding the tribal fire, steering his community towards or around common interest. Hence is it important to send bloggers information specifically relating to their audience.

3. Timing
How to bring traffic to my blog: this is one of the three main tasks of the blogger. Many of them publish a post every day, and promote the post at specific hours, at which they know that their audience online. In addition, they often relate to current and global events, such as holidays, or visiting celebrity abroad. Important content to bloggers by timing is right, depending on your product category.

4. Social Media
Connect blog readers in the right spot
No blog is an island. Whether they like it or not, bloggers today are very active in social networks – this is important both for getting traffic and for maintaining their community. It is therefore important to keep brand pages on social networks. You must be available to them and allow them to connect you to their followers where they are present most of the time.

5. Originality and exclusivity
It follows from the first point above, that the personal perspective of the blogger can grow stronger if he gets the chance to try your product. There are companies that hand out products and / or coupons to bloggers, who in return usually share the experience with their readers. Sometimes they use the coupon as a prize in a draw or a competition among their readers – which would bring even better brand exposure.

6. Relevance – Categories and areas
Bloggers are not part of an editorial desk, and they are dealing only with materials that are of interests them. If they do not have any use of your information, it will not pass on to others. It is therefore important to understand to which content category the blogger belong – make sure they do write about products in the field.

7. New distribution platform – direct from marketers to bloggers
With hundreds of emails received every day, is not easy to bloggers to pay attention to all the news. Direct contact with all the bloggers in your category is a demanding job. There are several platforms available including BlogsRelease which marketers can use to easily distribute information to relevant and interested bloggers.

Written by: Eti Finkelstin Nachum co-founder of BlogsRelease.