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How to Outrank Your Competitors & Generate More Sales Fast!

Effective marketing is not just about showing the value of your business. It’s also about distinguishing yourself from your competitors. There a number of ways to stand out above your competition but one of the most successful ways of doing it is to literally get above them on search engine results page. Before buying a particular product, the 80% consumers view it on a search engine and particularly google.

Getting on the first page on Google

According to a research, 75% of people will never scroll past the first page on a Google search. Search page of the Google is considered to be the holy grail of Search engine result pages. It’s because people these days don’t even bother to check the second page of Google. If they don’t find you on the first page, they simply adjust their search terms. So a better google ranking is must for your business. Being on the first page of Google has many advantages like more traffic to your customers and increased engagement.

When your business website doesn’t appear on the first page of Google, you have a lesser chance of earning a greater return on investment. It gives you the maximum online visibility and more sales.

To beat the competition, your business has to be easy to find on the internet. And only a better Google ranking can help you with that. So you can’t afford to be on the first, second or the third page. Learn more about our digital marketing services!

Want to Learn How to Dominate the First Page of Google?

What’s on the first page of Google?

A good SEO presence has an exclusive power to drive inbound traffic that could grow your business for years to come. There are already countless high profile paid websites capitalizing on the top industry keywords. And there are thousands of other businesses trying to rank for their keyword as well. That means the deck is stacked and outranking is not an easy job. Some of the most important factors to get on the first page of Google without paying are Quality and length of your page content, quality and number of inbound links, mobile friendly website, page speed, keywords in page content, authority of domain name, secure pages and URL structure.

SEO vs SEM…what works best for you?

SEO is the type of search marketing that uses organic tactics to gain visibility in search engine result pages whereas search engine optimization is the part of search marketing that uses paid tactics to gain visibility.

  • SEM search placements include an ad designation and SEO does not.
  • SEM search results have ad extensions whereas SEO search results have featured snippets.
  • You pay each time a user clicks on an SEM result. You pay nothing when a user clicks on an SEO result.
  • SEM results show to select a target audience. SEO results do not.
  • The impact of SEM is immediate. SEO takes time.
  • SEO adds value over time. SEM does not.

Which is better for you?

Web search or to be precise google search is one of the most powerful tools we have today. Search engine optimization is sworn by every online marketer. Google’s organic rankings are based entirely on what is determined by its algorithm to be the best results for any given query. This means that once you’ve created a page that the search engine deems worthy of directing their users to, it can continue to attract the traffic to your site for months after you publish it. After an initial investment. Today, SEO is widely considered a staple of every marketing strategy.

SEM is considered an umbrella for the SEO. It means that you can go for SEM for high seasons of your business. Spending money throughout the year on SEM is a bad idea but using your money judiciously over SEM during high seasons of your business will get you more leads and more money. View our SEO service packages!

Does social media affect SEO?

According to Google, Social media doesn’t directly affect SEO. In a cruel twist of fate, Matt Cutts released a video saying that social signals- metrics such as Facebook likes and Twitter followers which indicate a profile’s authority and influence do not effect search rankings.

When google crawls social sites, it is simply too difficult for the crawlers to tell the difference between bought likes and real likes. There is just too much possibility of manipulation of these pages for Google to use it to influence their ranking decisions.

Their should be a holistic approach to increasing your Google search rankings. Use your social media for providing valuable information about your products or site. Think of social media as a way of distributing your content.

There is a correlation between popular links on social media and high ranking sites. This is simply because, the better the content, the more likely it is to be shared on social media. Just keep it in your mind, it’s just a correlation and not a causation. The social shares and likes will not cause a higher rank but your valuable content will do.

Social media is a way to connect with your followers and keep them updated. So make the most of it by entertaining and engaging your followers with your social media.

Want to Learn How to Dominate the First Page of Google?

Finally, it’s just a number game

Measurement tools provide important information on just how well your digital marketing activity is performing. From the amount of traffic pages to your top landing pages, all these stats can not only determine the success of your latest digital efforts but they can also help you to understand why an activity did or didn’t work. This enables you to learn from your achievements or mistakes so that you know what is the best plan of action is moving forward with this or future campaigns allowing you to get the biggest bang for your buck.

There are a number of analytics available in the market which will give the results in real time. Without measuring the interaction and engagement metrics, as a business owner you will have no idea which content is working for you, what your visitors like and what they don’t. You should think of your website as your online business location, just the way you would think of your offline work space.

The data on the source of your traffic and medium can tell you which marketing activity is bringing you a specific amount of visitors and which is not. With this you can make an informed data driven business decision on your marketing efforts. View our PPC management service packages!

Entrepreneurs do know the importance of measurement but they simply don’t spend the proper amount of time, resources and effort analyzing the impact of their marketing campaigns because of the complexity of the measurement tools. It could get a bit overwhelming. Start with a goal as goal setting ensures you have something to strive her. It provides a guideline for the metrics as its already said that its all about a number game.