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How to Fix Your Marketing Strategy Biggest Mistakes in 6 Steps!

Are you losing out on Business because you’re not on the 1st page of Google? Are you frustrated because you don’t know what to do to get yourself rank higher? Learn about the most common mistakes small businesses make with their digital marketing strategy, and learn how to fix them.

Join Canadian entrepreneur of the year award winner, Bassem Ghali, to learn how to dominate the first page of Google without breaking the bank, and get the latest information and strategies you need to manage a successful online marketing strategy.

This workshop recording is designed for business owners and marketing managers who want the knowledge, skills and ability to implement and manage a search engine optimization strategy, and track results. Learn about the 6 most common mistakes in small business marketing strategies & how to fix them!

1. Ignoring Digital Marketing because it’s too hard or you have no time

Did you know that 91% of consumers use search engines to make buying decisions, and 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results? These numbers indicate that search engines like Google are the best place to find new leads and new clients.

The first page of Google shows two types of results, including results from paid advertising and organic results. These facts make it quite clear that one of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is to ignore digital marketing, just because they have no experience or have no time.  But, if you want to be a leading name in your business then you ought to acknowledge your limitations in digital marketing and work step by step to overcome them.

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2. Optimizing for Wrong Keyword

The second most common mistake small business owners make in their digital marketing strategy is using the wrong keyword. Keyword research is one of the most important factors that you need to prioritize in your digital marketing strategy. For, if you target the wrong keyword, it means that you are in the wrong train hitting the wrong direction. When it comes to your product or service name, it is important that you understand how it is perceived by your consumers and what it is called by them. Once you make an extensive research of these keywords, it is essential that you replace all the irrelevant jargons in your website content with SEO optimized keywords.

Secondly, if you want to hit the right keyword research, then you first need to understand the three important steps in any consumer’s purchase cycle. First step is browsing or wide search that gives a basic idea to the consumer second is comparing or niche focus and third and last step is deciding when the consumer is very close to buy a product or service. Here comes the relevance of short tail and long tail keywords. So as part of your digital marketing strategy, your focus must be on optimizing your content for long tail keywords.

For, people who are actually close to buying a service will use long term keywords for their search. Moreover, long tail keywords also do not have as much competitors, as there are for short tail keywords. So, using long tail keywords will definitely make it more likely for your small business to rank better and get more leads. View our SEO Services!

3. Having No Digital Marketing Strategy

Another biggest mistake made by small business owners, when it comes to their marketing strategies is that they do not plan a strategy at all. If you want see actual results for your business then you ought to have a long and short term marketing strategy for your business. One of the best ways to work on a long term and short term strategy is to use tools and make a to-do list. SEO is a very long term marketing strategy.

For any work that you are going to do today with your SEO, it will take about 3-6 months to show you some actual results. This is primarily the reason why many entrepreneurs give up digital marketing in the first few months, as they fail to see an instant result. But, if you want to rank on the first page of Google, you need to have a strategy and work on it consistently for months to get some results, which is best possible through tools. View our Small Business Digital Marketing Services!

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4. Does Your Landing Page Pass the 5 Second Rule?

Another mistake most small business marketers make is to invest hugely in paid marketing, without paying any attention on the quality of their landing pages and what impact it has on their potential consumers. View our PPC & Facebook Ad Management Services!

It should take 5 seconds for a consumer to answer 3 things about your business after looking at your landing page. These three questions are: What is the product? What’s in it for me? and How to get it? If these 3 questions cannot be answered in 5 seconds, then it means that there is something wrong with your landing page. Hence, in order to fix this problem, you need to invest your money and time on improving the content and appeal of your landing page, instead of just focusing on things like paid marketing and AdWords campaigning.

5. Not Having Mobile Optimized Website

Another biggest mistake made in small business marketing is to have a website that is not mobile friendly. Small businesses that do not have a mobile friendly website lose an average of $60,000 a year. In the year 2017, mobile searches surpassed desktop searches.

Hence, it indicates that it is high time that small business owners make it super easy for their clients to reach them with the help of mobile friendly websites, so that they take immediate action to buy their services. Learn more about our latest Smart Site design services!

6. Don’t Know Whether Your Marketing Strategy is Working or Not

More than 60% of Small Business owners or Marketers Don’t Know whether their Marketing Works or Not, most business marketers are indefinite if all what they are spending for digital marketing is working in their favor or not; which is a big mistake. But, as there is no fixed rule to device a successful digital marketing plan, the only way you can exercise a successful digital marketing plan is to understand your own numbers to be able to try and test your own marketing rules.

There are so many tools available today, other than just Google Analytics that can be used by to improve your digital marketing plan. Google Analytics only shows you what happens after people visit your website, hence you need to go a step ahead than that and use tools that give you an idea about your ranking, your competitors, and what attracted your visitors to your website.

Investing in your small business marketing is like taking a leap of faith and jumping into the game of numbers, as it is only these numbers that matter the most in a digital marketing strategy. So, when you think of digital marketing for your small business, think of it as a numbers game. Because, only when you are able to master this number game, you will be able to achieve the greatest results and success for your business. After all, in today’s world marketing is the king. You might have the best product or service in the world, but if no one is able to see it, then how good it is?

Want to Learn How to Dominate the First Page of Google?