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How I became one of the top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles in 2012.

Top 5 LinkedIn Marketing Best Practices.

LinkedIn is a powerful personal and corporate branding tool, it is a great place to present yourself as an expert in your field, develop your reputation, network, learn, market, and discover business or employment opportunities. In fact, I got my last job as Manager of Search and Email Marketing at Canadian Tire because their recruiter found me through LinkedIn.

200linkedinI love LinkedIn, that’s no secret!

LinkedIn is a part of my own social media and online marketing strategy, and I always encourage my clients and friends to follow LinkedIn best practices. Last week, I received even more proof that the hard work pays off.

In celebration of reaching 200 million members, LinkedIn sent an email to congratulate the most viewed profiles, and I was informed my profile was one of the top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles in 2012.

So, in celebration of LinkedIn, I want to share some of my own LinkedIn tips and strategies:

1- Take Advantage of LinkedIn Features

First and foremost, take the time to complete and update your profile to gain the full benefits of the LinkedIn platform:

  • Be Visible: customize your public profile settings.
  • Claim your Name: the generic LinkedIn profile URL includes random numbers and letters, make linking easier by changing this to your name.
  • Use Applications: there are a number of great apps on LinkedIn to integrate your blog, presentations, lawyer ratings, etc.
  • Backlinks: make use of LinkedIn’s free backlinks that are provided to all LinkedIn users, use these as part of your SEO strategy to increase your search result ranking.
  • Recommendations: give recommendations to current and past coworkers, employees, employers, colleagues, etc. Don’t forget that LinkedIn users can also leave a recommendation or review of anything listed on your Products & Services tab.
  • Endorsements: are quick and painless to complete, and add credibility to your profile. Give endorsements, and you will most likely receive them in return.
  • Referrals: Ask for referrals from clients, employers, colleagues, and connections who have your prospect within their network.

 “As you can see from my profile (at, although it took many hours, and is always a work in progress, my profile is 100% complete. Please feel free to add me to your LinkedIn Connections.”

2- Be Active, Not Passive

Join and participate in industry relevant LinkedIn groups (and local groups), share insights, expertise, and answer questions. Develop your professional network by getting involved.

Engage with your connections and share relevant articles, comments and links. Post your most recent blog articles on your LinkedIn page (this can be done manually, but if you are using WordPress there is a widget that will automate this action).

“Having a social media strategy facilitates the management of multiple accounts; currently my LinkedIn strategy includes 15-20 posts a week. My LinkedIn posts are also automatically shared with my Twitter followers (using the “share an update” option).”

3- Lead Generation

Use LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy to promote your products, services, offers and ad campaigns.

“While promoting the YWCA Donate & Learn Workshop I funneled incoming traffic from LinkedIn to the Workshop landing page where individuals could register for the event. With over 220 people in attendance and close to $4000 raise for the YWCA Toronto, it was a success! To learn more visit the Workshop Follow-up Page where you can see our promo videos, as well as download the Workshop eBook and case study.”

4- Connect and Follow

Connect with friends, acquaintances, clients, colleagues, industry leaders and experts; and follow their companies! This not only expands your reach, and develops a foundation for relationships, referrals and recommendations, but also facilitates connecting with prospective clients through 1st and 2nd degree connections.

– Follow prospective companies, and keep an eye out for status updates and activity that might be an opportunity to offer your product or services. Get to know your clients, their groups and company followers. These are all sources for prospective clients.

“While personally following up with the YWCA Donate & Learn Workshop attendees, and thanking them for their support, I made numerous new LinkedIn connections to individuals, groups, networks, companies and through them – prospective clients. In promoting the next Donate & Learn Workshop on May 11, 2013 these connections are invaluable in spreading the word, and even getting us some sponsors!”

5- Use LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with 200 million members worldwide. People come to LinkedIn to build their professional identity, forge new relationships and gain a competitive advantage. You can build vibrant communities around your company in an environment where people are actively seeking content and information. Use LinkedIn marketing solutions to trigger action, and benefit from your network’s recommendations.

I hope you find these tips useful in developing your own professional network. Do you have any LinkedIn advice? Comment, and let me know! 200M linkedin