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Modern SEO Trends That Are Redefining How Websites Rank on Google

Today, let’s talk a bit about SEO and what is currently trending. I’ve had a couple of emails from people asking what is happening with SEO and if the concept that became a major hit a few years back is dead. Emails in this pattern are becoming quite much, and I think it will do a lot of good that I dedicate this article to it, at least to clarify a lot of issues.

First, SEO is not dead and does not even look like it will begin to decline any time soon. You couldn’t be more wrong to think in this direction. Because SEO has been on a steady rise to its peak over the past few years and with the way Google is developing its algorithm, we expect a lot of exciting changes soon, such that if you’re not keeping up, there’s a considerable possibility of being left behind. No! I didn’t say that to scare you in any way; instead, I mentioned it to get you prepared for what’s already happening.

Okay to be more explicit about what I’m talking about, let me take a moment to discuss the change that is affecting today’s SEO quest and accompanying efforts. 2018 was notably not a dull year for Google as they consistently churned out updates and upgrades that affected Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and how results are ranked.

With the continuous update of Google’s algorithm to better align with users came a complete change in the look and feel of SERP. These changes have created new challenges for firms and SEO experts. As a business owner that’s seeking for market leadership, there’s a need to continually develop new SEO strategies if you want your content to be well optimized to feature on the first page of search results. View our SEO Services for Small Businesses!

Let’s take a further dive into some of the major trends that have shaken up how search engine result pages rank. One of the most significant changes that we’ve seen in Google algorithm strongly affecting how SEO is planned is the move from traditional text-only search format. Today, people are adopting the use of voice search and a few other upgrades to make their search easier, faster, and better. You will be in for a big disaster if you fail to acknowledge or incorporate these changes into your website. To be clearer, let me take each one of these popular trends and try to explain them the best way I can.

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Google Mobile First Algorithm Update

Mobile first is turning into a buzz word, thanks to Google’s recent update that favors mobile-friendly websites in search engine result pages. The reason for this is not farfetched from the fact that people are spending more time with their smartphones and so are more likely to use their phones for searches than with desktops, unlike in the past when the reverse was the case.

If you still think that people sit behind their desktop to search for the products or services you have to offer, then you are wrong, because as it stands, people are always on the go and as such, may hardly have enough time to dedicate to sitting behind their desktops. Additionally, statistics also show that when people search on their mobile phone, they are likely in more urgent need to contact someone that offers their desired services quickly.

So you see, by optimizing your website for mobile usage, you are not only setting it apart for better ranking on search engine result pages, but you are also attracting the right type of audience for whatever product or services you offer. View our Digital Marketing Services!

Want to Learn How to Dominate the First Page of Google?

The Reinvention of Voice Search

Yes, the use of voice command for searches didn’t just start today, it’s been there for years, but it is only recently that a lot of people started paying heed to it. The use of voice command have climbed exponentially over the past few years, and right now, an estimated 1 out of every four searches is done using voice command either on mobile or Google home.

In case you’re still asking what this means to your campaign; well, it means that about 25% of your target audience are using voice search to look for you, and if you don’t pay heed to this area, you might be losing much in total visits and eventual conversion. Comscore has even predicted that by the year 2020, 50% of all searches will be through voice command.

That’s only a few months from now, and with the rate at which things are going, this figure looks very achievable. It’s time to start thinking about optimizing voice search on your website if you don’t want to be left behind. The battle has become fiercer with the change in behavior by customers that are looking for your product. Now is the best time to upgrade your SEO strategies, or face the risk of being left behind.

Google have come such a long way since its creation, with hundreds of upgrades and updates already made over the years to enable better user experience. Of course, we expect more innovative changes in coming years, and that’s why you need to ensure that your SEO strategies are not only long-term but are good enough to keep you strong in your competition in the years ahead. If you’re still confused about any of the things I’ve talked about, or think there’s any part of SEO that you need to learn about, feel free to contact me and I’ll be willing to discuss your company’s potentials.

Want to Learn How to Dominate the First Page of Google?