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Generate Great Publicity & Increase Brand Awareness With The World’s #1 Press Release Distribution Service

Green Lotus uses the world’s #1 press release distributions service, and sends your news to major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Our PR Services share your news with 30,000+ journalists and bloggers. PRWeb  Press Release Newswire deliver your content to 250,000+ opt-in news subscribers. And your press release will be hosted on, which receives over 3 million visitors each month.

Green Lotus distributes your news using the PRweb Premium Package which includes premier news Canadian & USA outlets like the Google News, Yahoo News, New York Times, Reuters, Associated Press, USA Today, Yahoo Finance and more, through the Associated Press. Premium PR distribution provides the option to include your YouTube video, attachments, images and links with your news, to engage your customers and encourage people to share your story.

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Green Lotus Is An Award Winning Agency, Trusted By Small Businesses & Corporations in Canada, USA and Around the World!

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4 Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Press Release Distribution & Writing Service

Can You Track Your PR Results?

We use premium press release distribution channels enable you to add  images, videos and top quality backlinks for SEO, with your press release to boost engagement. All press release data is tracked, and provided to clients in a detailed PR distribution report about performance.

Are They Transparent?

Look at reviews about the quality of services at the agency you are interested in. Many negative reviews could be a sign of negligence and a lack of transparency. At Green Lotus, we are highly rated with positive Google reviews. We provide services that are designed to help your business like yours stay ahead of the competition.

Is Your Agency Trustworthy?

A digital marketing company that has extensive experience with a wide variety of industries has a strong reputation of excellence. At Green Lotus, we are trusted by over 2,000 entrepreneurs, corporations, and SMBs for our innovative and affordable digital marketing solutions.

Are You Okay With An Average Agency?

An online marketing agency that has been able to consistently deliver results is likely to provide affordable and effective online marketing solutions. Green Lotus is not your average agency; CEO, Bassem Ghali, is renown for developing effective marketing strategies for businesses online, and is a winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

The Green Lotus Press Release Writing and Distribution Services

We create highly customized publicity and press release distribution strategies that are tailored to your business goals. We invest the time in getting to know your business, your specific needs and online goals, and create highly customized press release to help you boost website traffic, generate backlinks, and grow your business.

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Top Benefits of Green Lotus Press Release Writing & Distribution Services

Compliment Your Client’s SEO & Content Marketing Strategy With Press Releases!

News aggregators rank very well in search engine results, providing an added opportunity for your Clients to rank on the 1st page of results, control their online branding, and messaging.

Press Releases provide businesses a platform to 30,000 major news sites, 250,000 subscribers and as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists!

Green Lotus Press Release Distribution & Writing Services Include:

  • Brainstorming: Creating a Press Release strategy including topics, themes, and scheduling
  • Drafting: Writing an effective Press Release for Client approval
  • Editing: Ensuring that all content meets the requirements for maximum PR distribution online
  • Distribution: Scheduled via premium PRWeb distribution
  • Reporting: Distribution results, including links to all sites that picked up the Press Release

Have a Question About our PR Services?

What qualifies as a good topic for a press release?

Press releases must be newsworthy and timely announcements about a business or brand, such as a new website, product, service, research publication, award or honor, upcoming or past event, sale or promotion, new hire or other significant business changes.

How long is a typical Press Release?

Press releases can range from 300 – 500 words and may include text links to relevant information on the brand’s website (to a maximum of 1 hyperlink per 100 words).

Should a video be included with the press release?

Online audiences enjoy content in varied forms. Including a branded video will achieve greater online visibility and pickup.

How often should a brand publish press releases?

Issuing frequent press releases should be a part of any business marketing plan, the more press releases distributed, the more visible a brand will be come online.


Is there an SEO benefit to press releases?

The short answer is yes. One goal of SEO is to capitalize on the real estate located on the 1st page of search results. Online news networks (and PRWeb itself) inherently have good search engine rankings, therefore increasing the chance that a brand’s press release will rank well in search results when related search terms are queried.

The result is that a brand can rank multiple times, with search results including direct links to their website, as well as links to relevant brand news releases.

Do press releases increase back links to a business website? 

One of the benefits of PRWeb is that news reaches a large community journalists, bloggers, news sites, and more. When a press release is picked up by an online network and hosted on their site, this will lead to more traffic to the brand website, and an increase in original, relevant links, thereby boosting a brands search engine ranking.

Toronto’s Premium Press Release Writing & Distributions Services Will Boost Your Brand Awareness Online!

Green Lotus Press Releases Writing and Distribution Service is the easiest way to boost business branding online. Whether promoting successes, announcing a new products or services, Press Releases are an opportunity to showcase business milestones on a platform in front of 30,000 major news sites, 250,000 subscribers and as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists.