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Toronto’s Premium Press Release Services Will Boost Your Brand Awareness Online!

Green Lotus Press Releases Writing and Distribution Service is the easiest way to boost business branding online. Whether promoting successes, announcing a new products or services, Press Releases are an opportunity to showcase business milestones on a platform in front of 30,000 major news sites, 250,000 subscribers and as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists.

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Generate Publicity & Increase Brand Awareness With The World’s #1 News Release Service

Green Lotus uses the world’s #1 news release distributions service, and sends your news to major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Our PR Services share your news with 30,000+ journalists and bloggers. PRWeb  Press Release Newswire deliver your content to 250,000+ opt-in news subscribers. And your press release will be hosted on, which receives over 3 million visitors each month.

Green Lotus distributes your news using the PRweb Premium Package which includes premier news outlets like the New York Times, USA Today and more, through the Associated Press. Premium distribution provides the option to include a video, attachments, images and links with your news, to engage your customers and encourage people to share your story.

Compliment Your Client’s SEO & Content Marketing Strategy With Press Releases!

News aggregators rank very well in search engine results, providing an added opportunity for your Clients to rank on the 1st page of results, control their online branding, and messaging.

Press Releases provide businesses a platform to 30,000 major news sites, 250,000 subscribers and as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists!

Green Lotus Press Release Writing & Distribution Services Include:

  • Brainstorming: Creating a Press Release strategy including topics, themes, and scheduling
  • Drafting: Writing an effective Press Release for Client approval
  • Editing: Ensuring that all content meets the requirements for maximum distribution online
  • Distribution: Scheduled via premium PRWeb distribution
  • Reporting: Distribution results, including links to all sites that picked up the Press Release

Top 5 Benefits of Press Releases for Business

1. Gain Online Visibility

PRWeb and news aggregators rank very well on search engines, as do Press Releases. Consumers no longer need to go to traditional media outlets for information, instead, they search online for what they need, when they need it.

Press Releases are an opportunity to reach audiences actively searching for products, services and information.

2. Celebrate Successes

Boost online branding, promote business developments, awards and news with Press Releases, and keep the momentum of success rolling.

In the unfortunate event that a negative publication of a brand exists online, Press Releases are an opportunity for a brand to respond, highlight their benefits, features and competitive advantage, and manage brand perceptions.

3. Share News

Press Releases are a part of a business Content Marketing Strategy, the primary goal of a Press Releases is to provide targeted content that is timely and newsworthy. More than 30,000 major news sites, like Google News, pick up and publish Press Releases on their networks if they are relevant to their audience(s).

4. Create Brand Awareness

Business brands that provide regular, useful and reliable information are more likely to develop trust and loyalty from Clients, and prospects. Press Releases are an opportunity to demonstrate subject matter expertise, and engage with audiences searching for products and services online.

5. Appear in ‘News’ Search Results

Searches for a business brand on search engines will not only deliver their website in results, but also a selection of ‘news’ results about the brand (if they exist). Dominate on brand-related keywords, and own the messaging on the 1st page of search engine results, by publishing regular Press Releases.