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3 Effective Marketing Strategies for Targeting B2B Companies

Today, let’s take a little dive into a new area of discussion – how to generate leads for B2B companies. Yes! I know this is not a topic that you’ll come across always, so it’s vital that I try to be as detailed as possible while trying to explain how best to target such businesses in today’s evolving digital market.

B2B, or business to business companies as you might choose to call them are unique animals and to capture them, you need to develop a carefully thought and uniquely creative marketing plan. For example, let’s say you are a consultant and your primary targets as it stands are CEOs, cooperation, and business owners, then you should read on because I’ll soon be revealing some strategies that will help put you ahead in the world of online marketing. Of course, you know by now that you need unique tactics for your digital marketing if you are looking to target this class of customers efficiently.

In the past, when we talked about B2B marketing strategies, our first point of call was direct and outbound techniques, which involved directly messaging prospective clients that have been identified, but with time, marketing has become pretty complicated, hence, B2B marketing has to be particularly streamlined with the use of online methods if you desire success.

Don’t get me wrong, these techniques are still useful in their way and still have their place in the marketing toolbox, but the evolving nature of today’s world needs more. If you are looking to be successful with your B2B campaign, then there’s a need for you to adjust to modern business trends. Put simply; you need to intensify B2B digital marketing.

The question now is how to streamline your online marketing efforts, so that it gets the attention of your target B2B companies, especially when considering that they are passively active on most networks that you might be thinking. Yes, your target audience browses the internet and read the news, but they are on passive mode when in these channels and are very unlikely to click your ads if you’re not careful with them.

I read a lot of articles where people talk about social media and display ads as the best. I’m not exactly trying to argue their claims, but you know for sure that once your B2B audience are not actively searching for your product, they are most unlikely to click on your ads.

Statistics already report that 90% of B2B companies search on Google when they are looking for a new product or service. The figure even gets more alarming when you’re talking about Google search ranking. 75% of web visitors don’t go past the first page when they search on Google, and this is because they think first-page ranking means credibility. So the fundamental question now should be how to get to the first page of Google. As once you can get to the first page of Google, you’ll stand a better chance of winning more conversions. There are several ways to get up a search engine, and we’ll take a look at a few of the most prominent.

Want to Dominate the First Page of Google?

1- Research and Targeting of Demographics

This first most vital thing to do is researching and finding your target demographics. Without having an accurate picture of your target customers and audience, you’ll be wasting a whole of time and money. It is entirely impossible to market your product or services to everybody at a time; therefore there’ll be a need to segment your core audience and focus on them.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What are the things they like most and dislike?
  • How exactly can their buying habit be classified?
  • What’s their best communication mode?

Detailed research of your marketplace and the market behaviors of your target will help your decisions to be more informed, and in essence, connect you to the right audience.Narrowing down your audience saves you time and money on all your marketing efforts. Once you can segment your audience, the next phases will be easier for you.

2- Effective SEO Strategy

The primary purpose of segmenting your audience is to be able to place your ads right where they can see it. In today’s marketing world, there’s a need for your target audience to see your website, and this is where search engine optimization comes in handy! SEO is quite complicated and involves two primary components. View our SEO Management Services!

Organic SEO:

This includes the natural ways of getting your site up search engine results. The main pillars of this strategy are relevance and authority. Google ranks your website naturally, based on how relevant your content is to searchers and the level of power you command in the field compared to other people in your competition.

Google measures your relevance by how much time visitors spend on your website. Your authority also gets measured by the number of backlinks that send audience to your site. You can also apply the use of relevant keywords to rank better on search engine results naturally.

Inorganic SEO:

This SEO strategy involves using PPC to drive traffic to your site. Usually, through Google pay advertising, your desired audience can see your website at the top of their search when they are actively searching for your product offerings. This method is quite expensive, but it is actually worth the stress because the level of traffic you can drive to your website is very high.

Want to Dominate the First Page of Google?

3- Effective Social Media Strategy

I know I’ve talked about how relatively ineffective the use of social media can be for B2B advertising, there’s still no denying the fact that if done properly, it works well. One particular aspect of social media that’s highly effective for B2B advertising is LinkedIn. In LinkedIn, you can pin down your ad to fit a particular title, market, industry, or even company size. View our Social Media Management Services!

The use of LinkedIn offers you an interesting way to get your ads to a specific audience, although it’ll cost you a little more.B2B marketing is easy if you know the right strategies to get your campaign to the people that need it. All the strategies I’ve mentioned above can transform your campaign, but if you’re still confused about how to go about it, contact me and let’s discuss more prospects available to you.