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Kick-Start Your Company LinkedIn Marketing Strategy – in 9 Steps!

LinkedIn is the most business-oriented social network that exists. Whether it is networking, job hunting, audience or lead development, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for both professionals and businesses.

Kick start 2014 and create (or update) your LinkedIn Company Page, grow your professional network, connect with your target audience and develop leads.

Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2013

Top 9 LinkedIn Company Page Marketing Tips:

  • Complete Your Company Profile Entirely
    Complete all Company information, Product Pages, Service Pages and include images, banners, videos where appropriate. You also have the option to customize Product and Service Pages and have different versions visible to different audiences!
  • Create Showcase Pages
    A Showcase Page is a dedicated sub-page of your LinkedIn Company Page and is designed to highlight part of your business brand (eg – a dedicated Page to highlight your Marketing Department, or Education Services). Showcase Pages provide an excellent opportunity for targeted marketing and long-term engagement.
  • Share Relevant Content
    Share content with your audience and provide it in a simple, easy to read format (eg – a top 6 list or infographic). Be sure to vary the type of content shared and learn what resonates most with your audience. Keep the amount of self-promotion to a minimum, your audience is already a fan. Instead, hold special promotions and/or deals exclusively for your online fans!
  • Use Engaging Titles, Images and Videos
    Grab attention by using interesting information/facts in article titles and headings. Showcase your expertise like a journalist! Successful Company Pages share high-quality images and videos that are eye-catching and relevant to their audience.
  • Ask Questions!
    Learn about your audience and understand their behaviours, interests, concerns, etc. Encourage audience engagement by asking questions and responding to comments.
  • Share Company News
    bring your audience ‘behind the scenes’ and share honours your business has received, or awards/accomplishments earned by employees.
  • Sponsored Updates
    Drive leads from your Company Page by using Sponsored Updates and promoting your best content or current promotions. LinkedIn has specific audience targeting capabilities that are unique to the platform including: seniority, company size, industry and more. Read more on LinkedIn Sponsored Updates!
  • Editorial Calendar
    It is important to be consistent with social updates  in order to develop trust and engagement with audiences. In addition to developing connections and monitoring comments it is beneficial to have an editorial calendar and plan your social updates in advance.
  • Test, evaluate and amend your LinkedIn strategy until you have found the optimal combination of update frequency, timing and content that works for your business!