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4 Social Lead Generation Strategies for Business

Today’s marketing and sales efforts require your business to stay on top of a variety of lead generation, educational, incentive and customer loyalty rewards activities.

If you don’t put yourself out there, you are allowing your competition to effectively cut in on your new sales opportunities, and potentially steal what would be your repeat customers!

Here are 4 ways to keep the competition at bay and the focus on you, while saving time and money:

easypromo11. Run Contests for active lead generation and keep customers engaged!
Contests have been popular from long before the days of the internet. People are inclined to want to win something, and with the Internet’s viral capabilities you now have opportunities to get in front of audiences you otherwise would not have access to.

Launch a referral sweepstakes and reward contestants for referring their friends. You do not have to give away a car to make this a success. Rather, chose a short list of prizes that are relevant to your products and services.

This comes at a very low cost to you and your business,with the added benefit of promoting your brand, attracting potential customers, and showing appreciation to your existing customers who would be happy to win their favorite items!

BONUS TIP: Run a few contests a year and mix it up with sweepstakes, photo contests, ‘pick your favourite’ or a #hashtag contest using twitter and Instagram.

2. Attractive discount coupons giving customers a reason to buy!
An attractive offer/coupon can move a prospect to buy from you sooner. Coupons can also be the deciding factor on whether to buy from you, or the competition.

How you make your coupon available is the key to success. Can it be found online? Can it be shared with others? Can you incentivize people to take certain steps in order to unlock a special coupon? And can you control its usage per person or total redemption’s?

Measure the success of your coupon campaign not only from a standpoint of how many coupons are redeemed but also identify the sources of where redeemers found your coupon. This information will help you build stronger campaigns in the future.

3. Create loyalty rewards for specific customers or target audiences!
Client retention is perhaps your most profitable activity – keeping clients is far less expensive than finding new ones. To achieve this, reward your customers for their loyalty!

But don’t stop there. Move these loyal supporters to join your social networks, reward them and win their voice as an online advocate for your brand. There is nothing more powerful than an authentic customer who has moved from prospect to buyer.

Become the subject matter expert in your business sector by creating and nurturing an online community for your customers and prospects to meet, educate and share relevant information.

easypromo24. Use surveys to engage, convert and collect important data.
Whether attracting new customers, engaging existing customers or conducting market research, surveys can provide valuable data about your followers, and put you in a power seat as a marketer.

Ask questions and generate unique, targeted calls-to-action based on survey results, making your customer’s experience a rewarding one that may lead to more business at your doorstep.

Make it fun, interesting and relevant to your target audience so they will have reason to share the quiz with like-minded friends. This is your opportunity to get creative by using different types of questions: open or closed-answer buttons, sort options, multi-answers, drop-downs, auto-complete lists and rating options. Complement questions, answers and calls to action with photos and videos.

Now that you know about these 4 dynamic campaigns, the sky is the limit as to how many permutations you can come up with to attract and win customers. See a demonstration of each promotion to learn more. The truly great thing is each of these campaigns can be launched in minutes, once you have completed your initial planning.

Don’t know where to begin? Just start one at a time. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy they are to set up. In the process of trying one or two, your creative awareness with skyrocket.

-Written by Brian McNeil-Smith, Easypromos